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  • Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble on Oct. 04, 2010

    Jolie is minding her own business in her shop when she sees her first ghost. Unknown to Jolie is that the ghost is just the beginning of the changes about to take place in her life when a handsome man arrives and wants to hire her to discover who killed the ghost. Rand is a warlock and knows what Jolie is and that she has the ability to travel back to discover who killed his friend as well as the potential for even more powers. And he has one rule bosses and employees cannot mix business with pleasure. When another witch tries to lay claim to Jolie Rand must battle for his right to keep her in his employee while at the same time he also needs to battle his growing feelings for her. Jolie on the other hand is more than willing to take their relationship to the next level. Fire Burn and Caldron Bubble took me a little to get into the story but once I got going it kept my attention until the end where I was disappointed in how it ended it left me feeling like “that’s it” I know that the story is to continue but I still would have liked to have had something a little more final. I enjoyed the humor and the variety of characters that HP Mallory has written into the story. I will admit that I will be ready to read book two and maybe it will give me the answers that I did not find in this one. Original link to review:
  • To Kill A Warlock on Oct. 04, 2010

    Dulcie is a fairy and Regulator, law enforcement to the paranormal who has had a run of bad luck turned into a gross monster that requires her best-friend to try and change her back and then to find out she was the last person to see the jerk who made her into the monster alive. Could things get any worse? Of course they can. Knight needs Dulcie to aid him in finding out who is murdering the creatures but she cannot let anyone know who he really is and that she is working for the top of the ladder. Dulcie would much rather just write her book that is going to allow her to retire from being a Regulator but unfortunately that is not going to happen anytime soon now that something is out there killing others and she has to do all that she can to stop it before it is to late. And of course now she has to also deal with the Knight and the feelings he brings out in her. To Kill a Warlock had me laughing from the first paragraph and kept my attention all they way through it has suspense, romance and humor that will keep the reader engrossed. I cannot wait to see what happens next to Dulcie, Knight and the rest of the characters brought to life by HP Mallory. Original post link: