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Smashwords book reviews by Steve Brock

  • Hijacked Luxury Limo on Feb. 07, 2012

    Humorous and suspenseful. Short story but with many twists and turns. Enjoyed reading and look forward to more.
  • Friday the 13th Wedding on Feb. 07, 2012

    As a dad myself, I felt the pain Joe went through. I don't know how I personally would have reacted. Sad but can happen to any father.
  • Garden of Sugar and Pineapples on Feb. 07, 2012

    The story reflects a person growing up in the islands and I couldn't relate to much of the environment because I am from a large city...New York. It requires another reading for me.
  • Killing Peace on March 24, 2012

    This segment of the story had a lot more action in it. I could relate to it even though I never experienced combat duty. I highly recommend it for anyone. This is an example how the military is secondary to politics. No wonder the United States has a lot of problem. Ever since the Korean War, we had police actions. Even the so called wars we have now, they are not wars.
  • Local Boy and Tourist on July 08, 2012

    I like the author's stories. It is a mixture of life. All the stories are like a collage or a mural in a frame. In this particular story, you get a feeling of walking in someone's shoes. It is a like a day in a life. One minute you are in a pineapple fields of Hawaii, the next in the rice paddies of Vietnam. One minute you are on the beach, the next minute getting away with mischief at a fountain in a hospital. Who needs order? Life is a connection; it doesn't matter where you start. roomtiger
  • Killing Peace II on Sep. 24, 2013

    This is the best book I have ever read by this author. I understand little more about the war in Vietnam. I perceive that things are not much better with out veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan. Just to remind our fellow American, the last declared war was World War Two. From the Korean War to the War in Afghanistan All we have left is the unkept promises to our veterans and the debt we have both finanacially and morally. Steve