Gina Rosavin


I am a proud born-and-bred Jersey Girl, with Brooklyn roots. I married my very own alpha male 18 years ago and am a full-time working mom to two school-age children. Needless to say, free time is always at a premium, and I spend the bulk of it lost in the worlds of my own making. I love to read and write hot, sexy and emotional stories about people both glamorous and not-so-glamorous. I’ve written for as long as I can remember, starting in grade school with extra credit projects and moving on to things like fan fiction and my own original characters as I got older. I wrote my first complete novel when I was 14, not even recognizing at the time it was a romance! I like to dabble in different worlds and alternate realities, as well as the physical and alternate types of relationships.

On those rare occasions when I am not writing, you can catch me pouring over DVD’s of Highlander, Harry Potter, Charmed, and DragonBall Z.

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