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  • Human Status on Jan. 03, 2012

    ok i felt the story while reading it. i understood what was going on, i felt it when she was being beaten, you made it come alive though, the ending i could not undersatnd. did she turn into what he was? or did she die and reincarte? all i could understand that she was pregnant and was some type of killing bird machine.and with the "previous" owner did austen die? i could guess. but what happend to they guy that was stalking her? i thought it was brian, then the butler. it was really,REALLY good.
  • Divergent Status on Jan. 05, 2012

    terrific!!!!! i was nearly crying, (for me, i don't cry i laugh at sad situations) but, i loved it!!!! this story had me swtichin sons till the end. and i loved her choice of song in the end. i loved it i know understand the ending to the last story. i love it!!!!!!!!
  • In 9 Days on March 08, 2012

    i am crrying right now!! this story is amazing iwould love to read the sequal, the way how tessa is ready to dump the things that used to matter to her for for this man, i.. i... i love it! it shows how much a man deeply in pain from his fathers doings......makes him weak and when tessa comes... and akes him compelete....i am so happy
  • And Then He Saved Me on March 24, 2012

    u did it again! i am going into tears crying this story was good!!!!!
  • Whatever He Desires (In the Arms of the Billionaire) on Oct. 23, 2012

    i normally dont do this but i love ur book! i want to read the sequel ! u have no idea how good ur book made me feel! i had a terrible day and i decied to read a book but urs totally made me feel like i was there, felt eveything laurie felt.... amazing! please do more!
  • Is Mr White Mr Right? on July 17, 2013

    now when i first saw the book i downloaded it without reading it. today, i just finally sat down and read it. at first, i thought this was one of those books that get down to the nitty gritty. but boy was i wrong. although J A Feilding you could've added a bit more detail and did more of a the tango with natasha and mitchel. but i would have wanted more back ground from them. but very good!!!!! i would love to review more of your novels.