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I'm a retired rogue who wants to express his views on life, the universe, and everything. (Thank You Douglas Adams)
Interests: Writing;reading; observing odd behavior; performing odd behavior; World and American History(although there is not future in it);family history; Sports in small doses.

Favorite Movies:To Kill a Mockingbird;Star Wars 4-6;Ben Hur; The Grapes of Wrath; Inherit the Wind; Star Trek 2, 4, 6; In The Heat of the Night; The Wizard of OZ; The School of Rock; King Kong all versions; The Lord of the Rings Trilogy; Too Many Others Too Mention.

Favorite Music:The Beatles (dated myself there a wee bit); any music regardless of genre that I determine to be "good." It has to have a good beat, lyrics I can understand and that mean something significant. This leads me to Rock and Roll from the 50s to today; contemporary music from the 20s through the current year; Classical music that is profound especially Beethoven Bach and Mozart.

Favorite Books:To Kill a Mockingbird (better than the movie); It's easier to list authors:
Jules Vern
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Robert Jordan (he died on me)
Terry Goodkind (except the end book
Frank Baum
Kurt Vonnegut
Orson Scott Card
(A bit heavy on the Sci-Fi and Fantasy but we must all cope somehow)
William Shakespeare

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What, Me Do The Dishes?
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 270. Language: English. Published: March 15, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Family / General, Fiction » Children’s books » Fiction
This children's picture book uses fantasy to explore the consequences of thoughtless behavior.
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 32,540. Language: English. Published: October 12, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Historical
Reggie’s grandson, while reading the journals his grandfather left behind, makes a connection with the past and discovers how much alike he and Granpa Reginald really are. He discovers life was not so different way back when. Growing up has always been difficult, packed with challenges, full of mystery, and charged with emotions.
The Christmas Tree Conspiracy
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 270. Language: English. Published: September 24, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Plays & Screenplays » American
Thomas and Addison had it all: true love, four extraordinary children, and a bright future full of promise. That’s what made the car crash so devastatingly tragic. How do you continue when all has been lost? The struggle may lead to self-revelations that stretch the soul to its limits.

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