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Michael is a man. Yep he is, and he enjoys his life as a Dad, husband, son, and friend. No matter what he thinks anyone else in the world thinks, 80's music rules. Michael lives in Mississippi with his family. I have sat back and have been writing a few short stories for years and didn't know it. I just wrote this or that and then save it for some future story. That was a theory anyway, but I also want to see what anyone else thinks about them.
If for any reason you do like/hate/don’t think it should even be worth the time then please write to me.
I do want to know.
I put the about at the front to actually let this be seen.

Smashwords Interview

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
I think everyday is something in and of itself. My presleep is where I think of things to write about. Sometimes they make me think" "hey that's cool", or "no not with that story but this one" or maybe I just work through a storyline, and then wake up at 3 am to get it on paper before poof its gone. I forget more than ever makes it on paper. Or computer screen.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I play stupid computer games that are meant to be made for kids. I'm not saying the questions are for kids, because I don't think trivia games are made for kids. Sometimes that trivia just sticks in my head for something to use in a storyline. Other than that, I read. OMG do I read. like a book a day. I have this inane wanting for a good story to even bother with. Mine are not always up to snuff, but I try.
I once had a teacher tell me I write like Tennessee Williams. I thought it was a compliment. I was wrong. She flunked me when I didn't make my writing up to her standards. I learned then that every person needs to have there own version of a good read.
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