Blue Moose Press

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Blue Moose was started in 2002 as an independent movie production company and has produced two feature-length political documentaries and a dozen short films. Our documentaries have been seen around the world are are available in every major retail outlet across the United States and Europe.

In 2008, we expanded our production into publishing under the imprint Blue Moose Press. Our first title, Rowan of the Wood, won the 2009 Indie Excellence Award for YA Fiction and sold out of its first printing in five months. The second book in the series, Witch on the Water, was released October 2009, and became an Amazon Children’s Fiction Best Seller in the first week!

Starting in 2009, Blue Moose Press expanded into an author co-op and adopted the tagline “cool-ass people who write interesting books.” We believe that authors have the rights to control and profit from their own work, allowing them the freedom to make future changes.

With the publishing world in flux, Blue Moose Press is going with the proverbial flow. In the future you will see more eBooks and multimedia content within those eBooks. Unlike other Independent Publishers, however, we will also continue to produce quality hardback and paperback books.