Smashwords book reviews by roxlocal

  • Life's Biggest Punishment on Sep. 06, 2020
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    My crazy aunt is a good writer, but belongs in a loony bin. My late mother ( Miriams sister) looked after Gary extremely well. Gary was not shunned by myself and my friends. We understood his condition and did our best to make him feel at home, when he visited us. It is quite interesting to maybe find the cause of Gary's issues. It is easy to criticise afterwards , and everyone could have done more, but this book is not a true reflection of Gary's life, which ended tragically. Maybe there was a cure. Miriam did not really know what Gary was up to. She was in Johannesburg and Gary was in Durban. He was happy as he had a nice comfortable place to stay on the beachfront and a retired lifestyle. I do not really know how to rate this book to be honest. I thank all those people who invited Gary over and went to visit him. MHDSRIP. Many of his family and friends still have a place in their heart for him, including myself.