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  • Better Grades, Less Effort on Nov. 28, 2010

    I've read a number of books on memory and its improvement. I've been impressed by the authors' feats and accomplishments. Now here's another one, different from the others. Better Grades, Less Effort is not mainly about techniques to memorize a list or a speech (although help for that is here, too)--it's about the science underlying good memory techniques: what works and why. In compact form, the author points learners to what research has discovered are memory's best practices. After a class, when is the best time to review material? How effective is cramming in an all-nighter? How long should I study at a time? Should I multi-task or should I focus? Valuable help is given about the piles of reading a student has to assimilate. How can I deal with it most effectively? How can I organize my time and my life to learn what I'm expected to learn? What are the secrets of learning reams of facts? (A lot of help is offered here.) When I'm writing an exam and I know I know the answer--it's on the tip of my tongue--what can I do to access it? The book is organized under twenty valuable tips. This is the cutting-edge of the science of memory for the person who is focussed on learning. The final words of the book: STUDY HARD, BUT STUDY SMART.