Robert Seppälä


Robert S. Seppälä, (born August 11th, 1971) is the author and avant garde film producer of, The Ark of the Witch. Robert grew up reading the works of William Morris and J.R.R. Tolkein, which later fostered his admiration for Finnish, Nordic, and English literature.

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The Ark of the Witch
The Ark of the Witch is a surreal psychological mystery and step into a world where there seems to be no boundary between earth and the ancient pagan realm of the mythological underworld of Finlands Kalevala, Tuonela. For thousands of years, one family, one bloodline, has been burdened with the care of a relic that maintains the balance between both realms. A relic, inadvertently brought to America from Finland in 1911, now forgotten in the cellar of a northern Michigan farm.


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