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  • Blood Debt on Jan. 24, 2013

    First off, I LOVED the whole "Centaur" idea! It is unlike many other YA fantasy ideas, and I'm glad Nancy Straight didn't go for the obvious werewolf and vampire scene. Blood Debt is about a girl named Camille, age 22, who is feels very alone in the world after her mother dies of a sudden sickness. Her moms last dying words though, is the name of her long lost father. Camille, finally getting the courage to call him up, gets swept into a world she never knew existed. For awhile she thinks her new found family is full of crazies but she comes to accept who she is. I really liked this book! All the characters felt fully developed and I loved all the brothers, they reminded me of my older brother! I love finding a connection between stories and my life. Camille and I had some problems though. We didn't connect AT ALL and I honestly thought her love interest was a lying cheat throughout most of the book, which doesn't make me think very highly of Camille of falling for a guy she even SUSPECTS is a lying cheat. Also, when Camille finally talks to the dead person she longs to talks to, she mistakes it as a dream? REALLY? Daniel doesn't have a very big part in this book, and I wish he would have at least talked to Camille after she got out of that awful house, but maybe he is in the next book more. Anyway, I loved Camille's long lost family, and this is a very good read for people who love YA, paranormal fantasy romance. (can I group those all together?) Enjoy! I would like to thank the author, Nancy Straight, and the group, YA readers lounge, for this opportunity! I loved participating and would love to do it again!
  • Fire on Feb. 12, 2013

    The 1st book in the element of fire series was really good! The book switches from the points of view of a girl named Roxy, to a girl named Jazz, a.k.a Jasmine. Roxy is a princess in the Helian Relm (its a hot realm where people control fire) and has just finished her training. Her attitude is as firey as the element she controls and I love it! Jazz is a quiet girl from the Arcain Realm (people control air in this realm) and is best friends with the prince of the realm, Brae, who must set out for a diplomatic meeting in the Helian Realm. Other than these realms, there are also the water and earth realm. (they have different names of course) All the realms leaders have been called to this diplomatic meeting in the Helian realm to discuss treaties and trade negotations. But Roxy and her fellow Helians have a power the other realms don't know about, and they intend to use it to gain power over the others. Jazz also has a power not even her best friend Brae knows about, and when she starts having weird, prophetic dreams, she must follow Brae and risk uncovering a secret that will ruin everything she holds close. I'm very suprised how much I liked this book after I finished it. When I first started reading it, the switching of the point of views really confused me until I figured out what was going on with the characters and what kind of world they lived in. I didn't really understand the romantic connection between Roxy and Brae though, It just felt under developed. I loved Roxys personality and it's awesome when the heroine makes her own rules. Jazz's character was alright, but I think I know where the author is going with the purple strands in her hair, but I could be wrong. I loved the end though and it makes me want to read the next one! I would like to thank the author, Heather James, and the YA Readers Lounge for this opportunity and I loved reading and reviewing the book!