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  • Anathema (Causal Enchantment, #1) on Aug. 16, 2011

    I think I just got my first taste of paranormal, dystopian, urban fanstasy, action, mystery, suspense fused all in one epic book! I’ve always wondered what would happen if vampires couldn’t control their hunger...and Tucker created just that. Anathema is VERY original. I haven’t read anything like it. There was a lot of dystopian elements and fuse that in with paranormal, vampires, and  sorcerers...I know awesome is kind of an over exaggerated word but it really was awesome! Tucker doesn't stray far away from how vampires are...they’re beautiful and deceiving...Talk about creating characters you love to hate but can’t seem to hate lol ahem Viggo and Mortimer. I didn’t know if  I could trust Sophie either at the beginning but she was genuinely in a “prickle” and really cared about Evangeline’s well being. Even Sophie told Evangeline she was too trusting, I have to agree. That’s what makes her human, she’s vulnerable and naive. Evangeline did prove herself, I mean she has some serious back bone. Not that I’m saying she can take on two lovesick strong vampires, but in the end I didn’t expect the whole twist of events to happen the way they did. As for Caden, Amelie, Fiona, Bishop and Max i LOVED them. They all had their own personalities, they just shined. Caden is so HOT lol I wonder if Tucker will write a story from Caden’s POV. He is such an interesting character...I want to know him more. his story, From being human to turning into a vamp. I’m so so anxious to read book 2! A Definite MUST READ!! Anathema is one of my new faves of 2011.