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  • American Business and Daytime Dramas on July 01, 2012

    Think Soap Operas are not an interesting form of entertainment? Oh, you are mistaken-- They have been a form of popular entertainment since the 1930's on the radio and then on television for many millions of people. Moreover, the programs of today are highly relevent to current life in our society. They deal with all the aspects of our lives -- like marriage & divorce, rich and poor, health and disease, crime and punishment, happiness and unhappiness. What's more, the cast members are highly professional actors and actressesnwho will amaze you with their acting abilities and true believability in the characters they portray. The story lines of these programs are interesting -- clever, realistic and exciting-- and will keep you truly interested from week to week. You will come to know all the characters, their names, their personalities, their relationships with each other (much the way we know our familiy and friends). You will love many of these characters-- and desperately want to smack a few! Robert T McDowall, Federal Law Enforcement Officer (Ret)