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Robin met her soulmate—literally!—in a hole in the ground during an archaeological field school. With the overwhelming odds that her soulmate was born in Holland and lived in Canada and Robin was born in the Midwest yet they still managed to find each other in the middle of nowhere Arizona is all the proof she needs to believe in a happily ever after. What’s life without romance? Especially when steamy sex is involved.

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Amusing Love
Price: Free! Words: 38,200. Language: English. Published: December 31, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Erotic, Fiction » Erotica » Romance
(3.83 from 6 reviews)
It may be an amusement park filled with people, but only two of them are destined to meet. A mustardy mishap leads to a day of emotional ups and downs that could only be described as a wild roller coaster ride toward love.
A Sweet Smile
Price: Free! Words: 16,510. Language: English. Published: December 31, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Erotic, Fiction » Erotica » Romance
(4.71 from 7 reviews)
A woman enters a small cafe escaping the rain as well as a recent family tragedy. Inside is a man also hiding from sorrow while stirring pots and baking bread. When they meet, the result is a recipe for love.

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Smashwords book reviews by Robin L. Baxa

  • Every Night Forever (Hyena Heat One) on Feb. 22, 2013

    I have read almost all of R.E Butler's books and this one is hands down my favorite. The story flows well and she handles the sex scenes with both heat and tenderness. Now if only I could find my own set of hyenas!
  • A Stormy Spring on Feb. 22, 2013

    The first book in the series blew me away. This one was also very well written. Loved the wedding ceremony!
  • Run Rosie Run on Feb. 22, 2013

    Glad that Rosie finally got her man even if she had to go through so much emotional turmoil to get him. Excellent story.
  • Wicked All The Way (A Wicked Lovers Novella) on Feb. 22, 2013

    A very sweet romance. Shayla Black's writing grabs you and pulls you through only to wish for more when you reach the end.
  • The Wolf's Mate Book 5: Bo & Reika on Feb. 22, 2013

    I'm so happy that Bo finally found his truemate. In each book R.E Butler enriches her shifter universe. I have read all of the books in this series and can't wait for more to see what she will introduce next. Ben sounds interesting and I hope he gets his own book.
  • Pleasures of Somerville Park on Feb. 28, 2013

    This is the first I've read by this author and am very impressed by the characters and writing. She managed to get a lot of emotion and details in such a short story.
  • Seducing Samantha (Ashland Pride One) on March 05, 2013

    This story was good, but the flow was a little off. Whereas I enjoyed all of the story, I feel the attack by the female lion occurred too early in the book and experienced a bit of a let down since I expected another attack and it never came. The story was a good introduction to the other lions in the pride and I hope each of them finds their mate in future stories.
  • Bid for a Bride on March 09, 2013

    I loved the story about Eliza and was glad to have another chance to read about her. This story was an interesting emotional journey, containing both the loving and romantic side as well as the darker side held by both Lucy's twin and Ben's father. Ben is a very interesting character and I would have enjoyed reading more about the story about when Eliza and John first find him as a boy and the trials they had to endure with him being blind and John being mute. It would make a good story on its own.
  • Perfect (An Italian Romance) on March 22, 2013

    Alessandro and Emily use the secrets of their individual pasts as excuses to live only in the present. Of course, the future can't be ignored.
  • A Twitch of Tail on April 09, 2013

    I have read all of the books in the series so far and, although still quite well written, this one felt a little rushed. Perhaps the confrontation with the tiger queen and Terra's mother could have been extended to draw out the suspense. But, as usual, the love scenes are handled with finesse and just enough heat. I can't wait to find out more about the tigers as well as the other shifters.
  • Legend of the White Werewolf Series The Forgotten Ones on April 25, 2013

    The story had intriguing elements and was relatively well written, albeit a bit confusing at times when the point of view switched. Also, I thought some of the emotional reactions as well as the lovemaking were a little bland could have been given more pizazz. All in all, this was a deep and lengthy plunge (not some short teaser) into the writer's fantasy world full of great characters—both good and all kinds of evil. I just hope the next installment doesn't take too long.
  • His Daddy's Car on April 28, 2013

    Both sweet and full of intrigue. Some vicious imagery when it comes to the "military" dealings, but it's certainly a sign of the political times. The love scenes were mostly tame although the romance was threaded throughout nicely. There were a few punctuation mistakes (mostly quotation marks) and I stumbled just a tiny bit over some of the transitions, especially early on with the flashbacks, but overall, well written and very heartwarming. True love—and a great car—can't be denied.
  • The Big Blind on May 08, 2013

    Laugh out loud funny, even outrageous at times, and very entertaining. But you left her stranded on the plane with him and the other him?!!! I want part 2 right now! Please hurry. I'll even offer you a package of hot dogs for Gus-the-cat.
  • High Stakes on May 12, 2013

    I was so pleased to have this book come out just a couple of days after I had read the first one, since that one left me hanging…and wanting to pull my hair out over what was going to happen. The second story continues the adventure, maintaining the humor and antics that balance on the edge of being unbelievable yet stay within the lines of "it could happen." Then, just when I thought I was surviving the creative twists and turns, the addition of even more quirky characters, and the urge to slap (or bludgeon) more than one of them, I was left hanging again! This story sucked me in, refusing to let go, and I may become bald waiting for the next (and I hope final) installment to be released.
  • The Wolf's Mate Book 6: Logan & Jenna on May 12, 2013

    Another wonderful addition to the series that enriches the author's fictional realm, populating it with new and interesting characters. I especially liked the little sprite. Let's hope there will be plenty of stories to come.
  • Rattled on Oct. 03, 2016

    A gripping story filled with a wide spectrum of emotions, from sadness to hope. It made me cry and hooked me almost immediately. Well written with characters I can't forget.