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Love is Not Free. The Price is 99 Cents.
Price: Free! Words: 83,010. Language: English. Published: December 23, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » Black comedy
Rudolf Kerkhoven's latest novel, Love is not free. The price is 99 cents. is a darkly comedic romantic-drama.
Can Stuart Henry Zhang Save the World?
Price: Free! Words: 125,250. Language: English. Published: April 4, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » Parody
The final interactive novel of the “Loner Trilogy” by Rudolf Kerkhoven and Daniel Pitts (The Adventures of Whatley Tupper and The Redemption of Mr. Sturlubok) has hundreds of choices for the reader and 65 different endings.
The Most Boring Book Ever Written (An Interactive Novella)
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 33,140. Language: English. Published: March 16, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » Satire
Be honest. Life is boring. So now go with it. Do you hit snooze or turn off the alarm? Do you take a shower or run the bath? Do you have a bowl of cereal in the morning or skip breakfast? Do you turn off the freeway to avoid congestion or stay on the interstate? Do you keep waiting on hold or hang up the phone? These choices (and many more) await you.
A Dream Apart
Price: $3.49 USD. Words: 63,640. Language: English. Published: September 15, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary
Elliot Bergeron has just graduated from university and is falling for a young woman. Elliot Bergeron is a disheartened thirty year-old elementary school teacher counting down the years to his pension. Elliot Bergeron’s life is wide open. Elliot Bergeron’s life is sealed shut. Elliot Bergeron has dreams of his future. Elliot Bergeron has dreams of his past.
The Redemption of Mr. Sturlubok (An Interactive Novel)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 103,260. Language: English. Published: January 30, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
Mr. Leroy Sturlubok—a high-strung, loose cannon, take-no-prisoners kind of guy—has recently risen to the lofty echelons of society. He’s become a public elementary school vice principal. But when it seems that someone has broken through the defenses of his beloved workplace, a single decision leads to a labyrinthine world of possibilities.
The Year We Finally Solved Everything
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 54,620. Language: English. Published: October 22, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary
The global economy is in tatters not because of humanity’s faults but because of its accomplishment. The country of Shan Won, a small island state off the coast of China, has cured all of our ills, and like a black hole, a piercing singularity of perfection, it’s sucking the world dry of its stability and leadership and power.
The Adventures of Whatley Tupper (An Interactive Novel)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 94,680. Language: English. Published: August 25, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
Whatley Tupper is a middle-aged, Magnum P.I. obsessed janitor working at a lowly university. But his life is about to change. Will he reunite with his deported love? Will he solicit the help of the Denny's night manager? Will he travel into a parallel universe? Will he tame the troglodyte murderer living in the tunnels? Or will he just go home and watch TV? The choice is yours!

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