B.R. Tracey


B.R. Tracey is the author of the children's book series Ruff Life.

She lives in the English countryside and enjoys healthy living.

The inspiration for the two main characters Bella and Max came out of walking a golden retriever called Rover around the fields and meeting a dog named Bella. These dogs both have endearing characteristics and are well suited to their character tributes in the books.

Already there are 5 books in the series with a sixth one on the way.

B.R. Tracey loves reading action and adventure stories and she loves watching action thrillers and comedy which also influences some of the whacky situations that the two dogs get into.

She is a practicing holistic therapist, eats healthy foods and loves to be around nature.

Where to find B.R. Tracey online

Twitter: @RuffLifeOnline
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