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L. Michael Rusin is a masterful storyteller who incorporates real survivalist skills to captivate his readers. He uses the pseudonym L. Michael Rusin to honor his Father, who died in 1953 while serving as Chief in the U.S. Navy.

Currently retired and living in Costa Rica, Central America, with his wife, Nancy, Rusin enjoys writing, archery, flying, drawing, and target shooting. A native Californian, he joined the U.S. Navy after college and spent eight years serving his country before starting his own general contracting business.

He has been a practicing Survivalist since 1966 and has conducted numerous survival training sessions as a retreat planner for more than thirty years.

Rusin remains active in preparing for those unspeakable tragedies that we may all face in the not-too-distant future. He is a licensed Commercial Airplane Pilot, Instrument and Multi-Engine Rated; before going into business for himself, he flew as a Bush Pilot in Alaska, a Freight Transport Pilot in Africa and Central America and a Crop Duster Pilot in California, Arizona, Texas and Florida. Rusin is an accomplished scuba diver and parachutist who made his first parachute jump in 1961.

Rusin is currently working to complete his next survivalist book, Avalon: Beyond the Retreat. The story follows Mike and the rest of his survivalist group as they fight to rebuild a world torn apart and gain control of a humanity lost in desperation, suffering, and hopelessness. Their nemesis, Bone Breaker, returns with a vengeance and puts the group once more in jeopardy. Can they triumph over this latest battle against an almost un-human tribe out to win at all costs?

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