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I survived 40 stolen years that I should never have seen, to be rebirthed in a hospital of the heart, and unleashed upon an unsuspecting public thirsting for intelligent, dramatic fulfillment...

Despite the uniqueness of my medical condition - I only have half a heart - I'm really just an ordinary guy with a soaring personal passion for certain of the elements that make up the tapestry of life;
writing, music, working, writing, reading, football, more writing.

I scrawl, doodle, scribe, sketch words into images, and write constantly.
I also have literary tourettes, which is fine until your audience changes. If you get that, you're already there. Oh, and I absolutely love spreadsheets - is that normal? And I love to learn. Oh, how I love to learn.

I am constantly expanding my output of literature and creativity. Feel free to contact me, by any media. All writing projects considered, and I will always reply (my parents brought me up proper, like).

Outside of working like a madman, I take an active interest in the lives of our daughters and son, like to read extensively, and listen to music.
I particularly like embracing new ideas, experiences and challenges. So far I have written novels, a large body of poetry, short stories and have several scripts underway, with an eye to future publication. I am also a lyricist, working with local musician Paul Grant.
Last but not least, I pen several blogs; Premiership football as Dobbie Savage, ballroom dancing elf; Trope News, as Andy Knobshank, and 'The Gardens', as myself, modern philosopher.

I hope you enjoy wandering through the world that I live in.

Smashwords Interview

Q: How long does it take you to write a book?
Fantastic question! Impossible to answer though. It varies by novel, and has reduced incredibly significantly as my life has become less time-constrained by life, bringing up children and long working hours as a chef. I wrote the first line to Black-eyed in 1985, followed by the next 6 lines. It was 1988 before I wrote anymore of the Corlandian Ballads, where I was basically just writing disparate ideas for action scenes down, with no set purpose or structure. In 1990 and 1991 I decided that my ideas needed some order, and inspired by the intricate worlds that my idols had constructed (Vance, Tolkien, Gemmell etc) I set about creating my own world to base my novels in. From 1994 onwards to 1996, I started to form some kind of structure as the file of world data expanded, and again started writing disparate action scenes on and off for a couple of years, inspired by the music I was in love with. The next time I seriously revisited the novel was in 2003, my life a totally different life to the one of 6 years previous. This time I was determined to finish at least a novel to prove that I could. On Hallowe'en 2003, I finally finished the first draft. And promptly filed it until 2014. 5 Years, my next novel to be released, in June 2015, I began as a film script in 2003 after completing Black-eyed. It quickly fell by the wayside and was shelved for other dabbling on and off as we raised our daughters and got on with life. In 2009, during a long spell in the Coronary Care Unit, I began to think deeply about taking up the writing mantle again; I revisited 5 years and decided to follow the novel route. During 2010 and a long spell recovering from a heart bypass graft, I worked out the characters and plot, and set about writing it. In 2013 the first draft was finished.
In between these episodes, I have planned, plotted and written various snatches and shards of different novel ideas, from horror to post-modern drama, as well as writing an album full of lyrics, over a hundred poems, blogs, training manuals; you name it - I've probably written it.
My aim now though, is to release at least one novel a year in the Corlandian Ballads series, and one other novel a year that is far-removed from this genre. It's gonna get busy peeps!
Q: What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
Nowadays, I am ruthlessly driven in achieving the goals I set myself. Goals are a vital component of how I work and are a part of my management technique in my working life (that pays the mortgage until my writing does!). I use various aids to drive me and plan my schedule, from whiteboards above my desk with schedules, weekly workloads, project timelines etc; to reminders and calendars on my devices that remind me of what I should be doing at any given moment. Of course, I can't let my personal life suffer as I have a responsibility to my wife, my family (now including 2 grandchildren), and pooches Abbie & Candie. I have a well-rehearsed work-life balance that I have developed over many years of trial and error, but always (without fail) ensure that when I go to bed at night, I have achieved at least ONE thing during that day. This could be something as small as a poem, researching a topic for my next blog, or going on social media sites to promote myself and keep those important contacts with my audience and potential audience going. Being a writer nowadays is 50% creation, 50% promotion.
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Street Spirit - free sampler
Price: Free! Words: 10,390. Language: English. Published: September 27, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Action, Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
Corlandian Ballads Tract Two - Street Spirit free sampler A free download taster of Book 2 in the Corlandian Ballads saga, starring new characters fighting against the machinations of Eldar the Loremaster, as well as characters first introduced in Book 1 - Black-eyed. Battles large & small will be fought by armies and individuals as they struggle for mastery of Slorvad, and the gateway to Staedt.
5 Years
Price: $2.56 USD. Words: 75,180. Language: English. Published: June 30, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Action
Where do you run to when your whole world's blown apart? That's the dilemma facing a rag-tag band of survivors from the nuclear fall-out of World War 3. This disparate group of soldiers must come together if they're going to survive in a world gone mad, and make it to HQ alive. But does HQ even exist anymore? And is there even anyone else out there?
Price: $2.56 USD. Words: 75,300. Language: British English. Published: March 30, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
Black-eyed is a murder mystery set in the unique fantasy world of Corlandia, a completely realised pangea of Earth's future. Mixing elements of religion and monarchy in a wide-ranging novel of adventure and subterfuge, it begins the nine novel series Corlandian Ballads, detailing the events and adventures of Corlandian characters across the super-continent.

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