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  • The Other Slipper on March 11, 2012
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    Extraxt of my review: (This may contain some spoilers) "What happened to the glass slippers after Cinderella found the prince?" That would be a good question to start this book. At first I didn't know what to expect from this, but it turned up to be a very good story. Full of action, magic, and a couple of very interesting characters. The story starts at the same time that the famous ball it's happening. We can see the other side of the story, the workers of the castle running to get everything ready for such an event. And then the action takes place. Our main female character, Jo, found one of the slippers, and after that an incredible chain of events is displayed through the book.... To see the complete review:
  • Doll's Eyes on April 05, 2012
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    My rating: 4 of 5. "Don't judge a book for its cover." Never better told! This book is an amazing police-mistery-friendship-human story. Since the start of it, I was dragged into the story of this man, who escape from death with the help of his friend: Hanna. Twenty years later, he's an homicide detective and is still looking for her lost friend. Between a current investigation, we travel back and forward through his life. The characters are so well described that you can imagine everyone of them as real people. Not only the dialogues are simple and real, but the whole story feels natural, real, like it can happen any time. After read one or two police novels, sometimes it's hard to get surprised. But not with this book. This one doesn't try to give magic explanation or incredible solutions, you don't have to wait more than a few pages for the action. Since the first page until the last, you can't stop waiting for more. I loved the book because while you read it, you can picture it as a movie. One of those great police movies, with a main male character strong and charismatic. with a lot of persecution and a great finale.
  • Shades of Grey on May 21, 2012

    I didn’t know what to expect of a book with three stories in it that at first look a bit different. Luckily, I ended up enjoying a book mainly about life and about survival, fear, death and our conscience. In Shades of Grey we found three short stories. They are very different but similar stories, about men at a breaking point of their lives. At first it may look like they don’t have nothing in common but after you finish I think you would find out that they share a lot of characteristics. They are united why the way they see life and death. They share the fact that they have their past really present in every move they made. Each one of them deals with death in a different way. Their stories show us things that sometimes we believed are wrong, without trying to justify them. The purpose of the book is tales us about these men (although one is a little boy) and what’s going on inside their heads, but without act like a redeemer for them. You never feel like somebody is trying to find a reason of why they act this way. The author have the ability of transports us into each one of the stories. You can feel yourself strapped out to a chair, in a hole during a war and as a child trying to deal with life. Every feeling is really well described and I found a couple fragments very funny. My favorite one was the last one Down the Rabbit Hole; in this one the author really makes a good job. Tom as a little kid still has that innocence where he doesn’t distingue between good and bad. Tom doesn’t understand yet the idea of taking some choices that would bring consequences, and has his imagination as his ally. In the other two we found John and James, the first one is sort of a spy, which I love, and has a really interesting mind. Everything he says sounds funny. And then we have James, who is in the World War II, I really like his story. I’m a fan of historical books, but in this one we focalize in him and how he sees war. Overall, a great book, that proves us that what matters is quality, not the length of the book.
  • Zed on June 20, 2012

    If you ever thought that conscience is what difference humans from the rest of animals then you need to know that is also what separates Zed from the other zombies. And if you ever thought that zombies couldn´t be funny; you are wrong! This story presents us a zombie like no other. Here the zombies are supposed to be these creatures that only want to bite humans. They are pretty much like any typical zombie; they go around with their arms extended and searching for humans brains. But in the opposite side is Zed. Who, with his rare ability of thinking choose not to eat human flesh and expects other things from life. (Really, who wants to be like everybody else?) Zed is one of the funniest characters I ever read about. He is a different kind of zombie and a different kind of hero. Is very easy to feel related with him and love him more and more. He is sarcastic, very clever, with great sense of humor and the best part is that he knows he is different and it´s not ashamed of that. And then he meets Chase, this little girl who turns his life upside down. The combination of this two, really creates a good book. The way she helps Zed to find the humanity inside him and to choose what kind of zombie-man he wants to be, is really adorable. I think that seeing us through Zed´s eyes is a new way to discover or to be capable of understand things in our nature that we don´t pay much attention to. The book is full with action, bullets, escapes, car chases and A LOT of great dialogues. It is funny from page one to the final stop. I can´t wait to know more about the adventures of Zed and his little friend.
  • The Promise on July 09, 2012

    What if you had to marry someone you have never seen before? This situation wasn’t unusual when Lady Adele and Lord Rafe of Valrek lived. A time in which engagements were arranged before the kids were grown-ups. A time when honor, trust, alliances and friendship were all that matter. This book presents us a great romantic historical story with a lot of action, romance, treason and great characters. Lady Adele has lived secluded all her life in The Fort waiting for the moment she was old enough to marry Rafe. When the day came he decided to go on her quest. With the certainty that the only way to truly know her is to pretend to be someone else, Rafe takes on a journey that will be full of obstacles and a new surprise in every corner. After their first encounter they set on a journey to the lands of Lord Valrek. With the companion of Lady Eda they get to know each other deeply and developed a great affection. Along the book, secrets come to light, identities are revealed and a threat is discovered. Every page brings a new surprised so it’s never gets boring. The Promise is one of the best romance stories but it not lacks action. In a time when honor was one of the greatest assets a man can have, the book has more than one sword’s fight, horseback riding and armies of hundreds of men. With two central characters, as Adele and Rafe, jumping to conclusions before nothing has been said and that are perfect for each other the book has great dialogues, well written and very amusing. Characters that we see evolve, face ghost from the past and go on. Overall a great book, fun, easy to read, enjoyable and well written.
  • The Tower (Deck of Lies #2) on Aug. 21, 2012

    Not again! One more time the ending left me waiting for more. The Tower is the perfect sequel to a great story and it really didn’t disappoint me. Jade Varden has created another EXCELLENT book and really deserves a round of applauses. This series only keeps proving my point -we are who we are because of the choices we made. Every time we say, do, think or see something, we are lead to a choice, one that not only affects us but all the people around us as well. In this book we see Rain still struggling to adjust to her new life and everything that comes with it. She’s still learning who is she supposed to be and what others expect of her. But a murder keeps her in the eye of the storm. Our leading lady hasn’t discovered all the secrets yet and she might not be ready for what is to come. Rain is becoming a strong woman and we continue seeing her evolution. She is true to herself through the whole deal and maintains the essence we saw in the first book. Some of the characters are showing their true faces, we finally see the real Owen. We see her making alliances with some unthinkable people. The story surprised me on every page, it keeps revealing secrets, lies, and more of the past. And what is most important along the story we have glances of the future, some lines lets us see how things will work out. There were many fragments that I loved. Not only because I think that like his predecessor is very well written, The Tower has minor thoughts worth reading. Like the fact that sometimes we seek truth, justice, thinking that will make us free and help us move forward. But we can be wrong, because the truth we find only sinks us deeper. It’s really an amazing book, with drama, mystery, friendship, self-discovery, redemption and one of my favorite characters.
  • Maggie Undercover on Aug. 26, 2012

    Counterfeit Love is one of those loving, funny and easy to read novels. If you mix a sexy guy and a girl with a hard past, pretending to be someone else you surely will get a great love story. Maggie is a security investigator searching for a hacker that is making everyone believe that she is a teenage girl. She soon feels attracted to her Math teacher. And who wouldn’t? He is a thirty-two-year-old man, dark haired, sexy, funny and the loving father of a little girl. They both have things in their past which they would prefer to maintain in the dark. But like always the truth finds a way out. And in the meantime the story keeps moving. Between getting to know the real Jared, Maggie tries to discover the real guilty and not to get too involve in Jared’s life. However she finds it hard not to love him and he is also constantly fighting whit his feelings. The relationship between them evolves naturally and decisions have to be made. This book is super-fast and if you enjoy romance as much as I do, you are going to love this book. It flows at the expected rate and the characters confronted everything in a real way. With funny dialogues, and two well-developed characters this books is a must for all the romance lovers.
  • Barbie Girl on Dec. 14, 2012

    Have you ever judged someone by what other people say about them? There is a saying that goes like: Never have to judge a book by its cover and I think it applies to people too. Not everyone is who they seem to be. Barbie Girl is one of those books that you can't put down. A sweet romance with a lot of drama and a rollercoaster of emotions. Barbie needs a tutor and she asks Dylan for help. Dylan thinks Barbie is nothing but troubles but he is in love with Katie and Barbie can help him get the perfect girl. Since the first moment they set eyes on each other, nothing will be the same for them. Barbie is the school slut, but appearances are only that. People can say what they want. Barbie has spent her life building walls around herself so nobody gets closer to her and she keeps her life as a secret. Her mother, her little brother and some really awful situations are a world that only Barbie sees. Dylan is nerdy guy with a hot look. With an average life, a little sister, his best friend, he is trying to go through high school and has been in love with Katie for a while. He and Third are inseparable until Barbie comes to scene. Third is the funnier character of all. He is such a lovely guy with an incredible sense of humor. He surprises at times and takes a relevant part in the story, breaking with the classic best friend role. The book moves really fast. The relationship between Barbie and Dylan evolves in a wonderful way, is a cliché in some aspect but is beautiful and romantic. They are perfect for each other, even if they don’t know it. Read about how they deal with these unknown feelings is the best part of the book. There were moments where you hate Dylan for the way he reacts but is perfectly understandable. It feels real and natural. And Barbie too makes some decisions that are terrible. But those things only make them more real, more humans, people are not perfect and neither are any of the characters. Barbie has a really tough life and the author makes a wonderful job portraying some situations which are really hard to read. Despite it seems a simple romance this book is deep and explores some realities that we don’t see regularly. It has a very good resolution with a great ending. The end… what a cliffhanger! It leaves you waiting for book two and biting your nails.
  • Aversion (Book One of The Mentalist Series) on Dec. 16, 2012

    After reading the Beta version and the final one, I honestly can say that Aversion is an AMAZING paranormal story and the beginning of a great series. Gemma is not like any other teenager. She is a fifteen-year-old girl with a tiny secret, she is an averter. If you are asking what that means is very simple, they try to alter people minds and change their choices when their facing some danger. (If you want a better explanation just read the book). Things gets messy in her life when Russ, her first assignment, suddenly starts talking to her and keeps insisting in being her friend. And to make things worse, he is so freaking cute that Gemma can't help to like him. Gemma is one of those sweet girls, trying to go unnoticed, accepting a fate that comes with a lot of rules. However, when she discovers secrets from the past and all her loves ones are in danger, a tough, brave woman comes to surface. Russ is the perfect match for Gemma, not only is a tennis player (which in my language means cute body), he is so careless about what people think, funny and seems to take even the weirdest things with an strange calm. Some minor changes from the beta version make him even more loveable. A fast pass book, with a lot of action, tears, a few breathtaking moments and some good twists. And my favorite part… The cherry on the cake… The end… What a good way to leave us waiting for book 2. An ending that broke my heart a little but also leave me with a big smile. It is a 50/50 situation (if you read the book you know what I mean). The paranormal base in this book is pretty original with different kinds of people and different abilities. There some explanations left for the next book which is great because I think the series has a lot of potential to be GREAT.
  • The Summer of Brian on Dec. 17, 2012

    The Summer of Brian is sweet, fun and really fast teen-romance, which will make you laugh a lot and will leave you with a smile. Charlene is just enjoying the summer until she finds out that Brian a seventeen-year-old boy is going to stay at her house for a month. He is not only an older hot guy but also her parents adore him. Just to seem more interesting, she lies about having a boyfriend. Charlene and her crazy friend, Orla, will set on the quest to find a boy to be the fake boyfriend. All this leads to Nathan, a boy nobody knows much about. Charlene sees herself tangled between the lies and starts to deal with unknown feelings. Keeping suspicions about everyone real intentions and learning a lot of life. Everything comes to an epic end in her fifteenth birthday. She will learn about love, friendship, honesty and be herself above all. The Summer of Brian is an adorable book, with cute characters, funny, simple and above all good to read. It is not recommendable only for teens but for all ages.
  • Fame, Love, and other Lessons on Feb. 28, 2013

    Fame, Love and other Lessons is the story of a simple girl whose life changes from night to morning when her boyfriend is picked to play in the NBA and she is discovered as a model. Immerse in a world of luxury, parties, paparazzies and appearances, Jamie is trying to become and adult woman and dealing with love. The love story moves way to fast, it's believable at some points but there's so much happening between lines and paragraph. There is a lot that is not being told and it gives you a sense that something is missing. Despite being sweet and fun, Jamie is not a very likeable character, at least for me. She has this tendency to do the first thing that comes to her mind but she's not ready to deal with the consequences of her actions. She seems so bold but is very volatile. Chase is this big guy, hot and with a bad reputation. But when Jamie comes into picture he decides to change. Let's be honest, he didn't resist much; he goes after her and with his mind set about what he wants. He is very sweet, honest, and lovely but is also a man so he has a hard time leaving his pride aside. The world of fame is well portrayed, it's easy to imagine the craziness they live in, with everyone talking about what they do and say. Is easy to feel the doubt and insecurity she has because all the women throwing themselves to her boyfriend and saying he is cheating on her. The second guy, Sean, is supposed to be this hot, sexy, Irish, band member, but he is a terrible person. He is so self-confident that is annoying. However, he is a good for the story and adds the conflict it needs. Overall, this book is a nice love story with a lot of hot scenes (well written and entertaining) fast to read and with simple language. *** I received an ecopy from the author in exchange for an honest review. ***
  • What If... on Sep. 03, 2013

    After the death of her father Katie and her mother moved away from town. Now ten years later, she is back. And the last person she is expecting to see is there too. What if you had to face your past when you haven’t find peace yet and forgiveness is nowhere near? What if… is a romance which deals with feelings like forgiveness, grieve and love. A fast reading but with a lot of things I didn’t like. This book is supposed to be about two people who were together as teenagers but then, for different circumstances, they ended up apart. Once they are reunited as adults they will have to overcome their differences to be together. Katie’s personality is part of why I didn’t enjoy the book. Her pain and suffering is understandable but most of the time she acts like a seventeen-year-old girl and for me was not believable. I can see why she can’t let go the past or why is not easy to forgive Chris but she messed with his head and I think she knows what she wants but she just like to be all dramatic about it. Chris is another story; he is supposed to be this amazing man with perfect body and a dream personality. Let me tell you that for moments he is all that but when he is with Katie, he is a horney teenager. I mean, she makes awful accusations against him and the only thing on his mind is kissing her. What??? I read it in only a few hours but just because it’s a short book and it’s written on a smoothly style with easy language. I also have to point that it has some scenes that are great with good sexual tension and great dialogues. Overall, it’s a fast reading that some romance fans would enjoy. For me the problems were the characters’ personalities.
  • Sentient (Book Two of The Mentalist Series) on Jan. 12, 2014

    Sentient brings back Gemma to Sandes, this time alone because her father is out there looking for clues and information about what it means to be a Sentient twin. With more powers to discover, a new threat and the intense attraction for Russ, is no easy to be a simple teenager girl. This book shows us other sides of the characters and we finally get to know them a bit more. Gemma is still a very likeable character. She is very mature and focused for a girl of her age, however, she has moments of insecurity, doubt and fear which is understandable because she is just a young girl fighting alone with the unknown. Russ is her rock, she holds on to him when things get too rough but at the same time she does everything and anything to protect him. He is the perfect companion for her and just as Gemma he is very mature for his age. The chemistry between the characters is very sweet and is good to explore their relationship. Gemma’s reservations towards Russ feelings are for me what make the story real. When you are a teenager, you question everything around you and I think the author makes a great work writing about this aspect of the characters. The story moves fast and with a steady rhythm, there is a lot of action and surprises with every new chapter. Every new character is refreshing, some of them bring new powers and more information about a world we are still discovering. The author creates a solid, enjoyable and complete world but she unravels it piece by piece. The mystery about this paranormal world is always present and you can never have enough. Overall, Sentient is a great sequel. Full of the action and drama we love in a YA book, with romance and revelations. This book only makes us eager for more.
  • Paulie on Jan. 27, 2014

    Good short story. Quite scary to be honest. Fast and really engaging. The author does a great job creating the right atmosphere for the story. I really liked how easy was to feel the fear and terror in the characters. At the end it promises a full lenght novel coming soon. I will check it out.
  • The Caregiver Series Vignettes 1-5 on Feb. 26, 2014

    This installment gives us the chance to read about some thing that ocurred before the first book. It was great to read about how Scarlett got the job and how she met some of the characters. I think it was a great way to make the story even better because now is more complete. I love everything about this series.
  • Broken Ties (Prequel to The Mentalist Series) on June 21, 2014

    Broken Ties is the perfect prequel for a great series like The Mentalist. Having read the two books in the series I approached this book with some expectations and ideas. However, I’m glad to say that I was surprised by some of the revelations and how good the characters are. This book has all the elements of a paranormal YA story but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Paul, Gemma’s father, is only 16 and we find him at his rebel teenager stage. He is questioning the rules of the Averters, especially after meeting Nora. Young love can be so strong and it always hits you real hard. This time is no exception; we witness a sweet, intense and pure love. The story moves really fast and the excitement is always palpable. The dialogues are good, there are some funny situations and the characters are well described. You can see each one as a unique individual with a defined personality. I have to mention that this installment focuses more in the romance than in the paranormal element. Of course the Averters and their abilities are present but compared to the other books, here the most important thing is the story between the two teenagers. If you have read the other books you sort of know what is going to happen at the end but the author makes a good choice and wraps it up in a perfect place. A round of applauses for the finale. Overall, a great YA story with a paranormal element. It’s a must for those who had read any of the books in The Mentalist series. If you haven’t, it’s a great way to become acquaintances with the series and the author.
  • The Girl In Between (The Girl In Between Series Book 1) on Jan. 26, 2015

    What if dreams were more than mere dreams? The Girl In Between presents us Bryn a girl with KLS (Klein-Levin Syndrome) who starts to dream about a boy. Put that way it sounds like a simple story, however, nothing is simple when you live with a condition that makes you sleep for days or weeks, even months. Bryn suffers from a rare condition. To be honest before reading this book I had no idea of what KLS was. Luckily the author does a great job explaining in simple way and giving examples what is like to live like that. Bryn has spent most of her life trying to find a cure because she is even more special than the majority of KLS patients. She dreams and they are not supposed to dream. Things get even stranger when a boy appears in her dreamland. A boy who doesn't remember a thing about his past or his life. So the big question is: Is he real or a figment of her imagination? The way in which events unravel is magnificent. The words drag you into the world and you experience the surprise, the fear, the adrenaline, the shock as if you were there. Both Bryn and the boy (I won't say his name) have really good personalities. They become tridimensional characters and it's easy to like them. Also, there are some incredible secondary characters. Her mother and grandma, Dani and Felix, they are really funny and likeable. In addition to them, we also have a couple of German doctors who seem a bit creepy at first but will have a relevant role in the story. I loved how vivid and colorful the dreamland was. The author created an outstanding sub-world that has its on dynamic. There is a lot of movement and action going on. The book is filled with emotions. One of my favorite things about this author is how easily she uses words and metaphors to represent human emotions. You can almost touch the anguish, the sadness and also the happiness and joy. The storyline is excellent. It moves fluently and it has a solid plot. I do have to say that there is a HUGE cliffhanger at the end and you should pick up book 2 immediately. Overall, a very recommendable book.
  • No Quarter: Dominium - Volume 1 on April 01, 2015

    No Quarter: Dominium is the first of a six part novella series. As the first part it achieves to present the characters, the scenarios and the plot in general lines. Set in 1689, this is the story of Atia Crisp and how because of a series of events she ends up being a victim of the slavery system. There are many secondary characters and subplot to develop in the future parts. The POV is constantly changing, the narrator tells us about what is going on in different places which allow us to see the whole picture, get to see where every character is standing and what his or her motivations are. The writing is really good, it captures the essence of that era and it gives the story a fast rhythm. The historical element is well used; the descriptions of places, ships, pirates and even the clothes make the world more complete and believable. I can imagine a great love story between Atia and his savior but for now they are just together trying to survive. Being a novella this one is a short read and I’m giving it three stars because is a good platform for a great series and as a presentation it does a good job. I want to know what’s next and I’m sure it only will get better.
  • Boston's Quest on Feb. 08, 2016

    Rating: 3.5 stars 'Boston's Quest' is book two in a YA sci-fi series. It has all the elements to be a really good sci-fi thriller; there is suspense, danger, friendships, and romance. The writing is really good. It has a changing POV which gives us a more complete and wide view. However, the book never really blows up and it ends with a cliffhanger so we need a new book to get some answers. After the events in book one, Jason is trying to move on. His brother still hates him and Boston is dealing with all as she can. But the danger is not over yet, someone is after witnesses and victims of Dr. Paden’s crimes. They will once again have to play for their lives and save the people they love. Jason is not my favorite character. I understand his fears but he becomes this stubborn boy that doesn’t think about his actions or the consequences. Then we have Boston, she needs to put herself first. It’s clear her mom is not a good person and despite I understand why she wants to help her I hope things change for next book. Now let's start talking about the plot. It’s very solid because the gaming world is flawless; the author did a great job creating a world where virtual reality is a reality. I think the technology sounds believable and it gives more solvency to the story. I do have to say this… I've read 'DiSemblance' (book one) three years ago so at first I couldn't remember all the facts, luckily the author named a few things and everything rushed to my mind. But if you don't have a good memory, you need to read one book after the other. I would recommend it to people who read the first book. If you like YA sci-fi you should try with book one.
  • Yetunde: An Ode to My Mother on Nov. 16, 2017

    It all starts with the world seen from the POV of a nine-old-months baby. And through this baby, we discovered how much she loves her mother. We learn with her about her heritage and the language her ancestors used. In this fantastical world, the baby learns about the world and process it in a beautiful way. The author uses the book not only to honor and praise all mothers but also bring backs her African roots, and for a person who comes from a great-grandma brought as a slave from Africa, this book touches my heart. This book is the proof that you don't need 500 pages to create emotions or make your reader feel something. In less than 30 pages your heart will be touched.
  • Assassins Of Riaz on March 31, 2019

    'Assassins Of Riaz' is about magic and fantasy, with a dose of politics, action and different characters. It has all the elements of classic fantasy: magic, warriors, assassins, alliances, people betraying each other and more. But somehow I got lost in the plot and had to re-read some parts to follow the story. My problem was that I couldn't connect with the characters, I don't know exactly why nut for some reason I founded hard to think of them as real people. And it was hard to follow who was who and what were they doing. I think fantasy readers can enjoy it, especially being a standalone book.