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Dr. Rappa received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree (with honors) in 1995 from Nova Southeastern University, and subsequently became their first Psychopharmacology resident from 1995-1996. After completion of his residency, he moved to Sarasota, Florida to become Sarasota Memorial’s Psychiatric Pharmacy Specialist. In December of 1998, he returned to South Florida to assume a full-time faculty position with Florida A&M University’s Miami Campus, College of Pharmacy. At that time, he established a practice site at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida teaching sixth year doctoral students on their Psychiatry Pharmacy clinical clerkship rotation. At Memorial, he has integrated himself and the students well into the non-teaching environment, making the milieu very open to a pseudo-teaching atmosphere. He has consistently exceeded his student teaching capacity and in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2010 and 2011 was awarded FAMU COPPS Teacher of the Year for the Miami/South Florida Division. In 2004, he was awarded the Florida A&M University Service Award and in 2004 and 2005 received two Memorial Hospital Lifesaver Awards.

Dr. Rappa’s activities in the Behavioral Health Department at Memorial include attending twice weekly treatment team meetings on each of the four psychiatric units. His students review all patients’ medications for each treatment team meeting and make inquiries as needed. In addition, Dr. Rappa frequently provides drug therapy recommendations to prescribers in reference to alternative medications, drug interactions, side effects, monitoring, cost containment, polypharmacy, and dosing.

Other activities performed by Dr. Rappa are: Staff education via inservices, continuing education, answering individual medication questions, physician-ordered Psychopharmacology Consultations on patients, (ie. pain management, treatment-resistance cases, difficult patients), and Guardian Advocate services for patients without ability to give informed consent. Dr. Rappa also provides the staff with computer assistance, as he is very proficient in this area. For the South Florida Instructional Site, he maintains the technological infrastructure.

Dr. Rappa and his students have also conducted Drug Use Evaluations, outcomes research and survey research with the purpose of improving patient care and expanding clinical knowledge. To date, Dr. Rappa has published several articles and is working on several more. He has also published his lecture book, an interactive computer CD, and his own Psychiatric Pharmacy handbook.

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Condensed Psychopharmacology 2013
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This is a 2013 pocket guide of psychopharmacology. It is intended to serve as a quick resource for health care professionals and students whom have involvement with psychiatric medications and patients. It serves to give the clinician a foothold in an environment that differs from other experiences in medicine, with differing terminology and disease states.

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