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I am a fulltime writer/editor with many fantasy short stories in print and too many non-fiction articles to count. My first book, Firedancer, published by Sky Warrior Books, is out in every e-format imaginable, including here at Smashwords. I am also the moderator of one of the oldest genre writers' workshops on the web at www.otherworlds.net (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OWWW). It gives me great pleasure to be able to help other writers as they have helped me over the years to improve my writing.

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  • Firedancer on Sep. 06, 2011

    I'm the author and I'm not conceited enough to review my own book! I'm just passing along an Amazon review of this book, by ravenswood: "The story kept pulling me back to pick it and read more, even when I had other things to do. Interesting characters that draw you into their world, descriptions that create vivid pictures of places and actions. Interaction among the characters flows well and makes the reader the feel like an observer, watching from a quiet corner of the scene. Can't wait for the next book."