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  • Mother/Daughter Sex Advice on May 15, 2012

    I was very curious about this book as the concept of a mother/daughter team writing a sex advice column was interesting to say the least. It turns out however that it is a sad comment on our society that this type of column should be curious at all. I wish with all my heart that my daughters are able to have this type of relationship wth there mom. (Is it too much to ask that they could be so open with their dad?) But enough about the groundbreaking nature of their column.... The book is a great read. The questions they answer are relevant and the frankness and "back and forth" nature of the answers makes the reader feel they are a very lucky friend sitting in the Bright's living room. The don't ramble at all and get to the point offering a broad range of solutions. The answer on the Paxil question was probably the longest, but the nature of the problem deserves a comprehensive answer and they did an excellent job. Highly recommend this to mothers, daughters, sons and fathers!! Thanks Susie and Aretha