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  • Kalahari Dream on Jan. 22, 2012

    As a fan of Chris Mercer's "For the Love of Wildlife" book, I couldn't wait to read his "Kalari Dream" as well, which is co-written by his wife Bev. This is a video book in that in between the text, there's a link to a video on YouTube so you can watch what you just read about. Very Clever!!!! The book comes alive. I downloaded it to my iPad and read it in bed every night. It is definitely a book not to be missed by every animal lover in the world. I must say that in between the humor and drama of running the Kalahari Raptor Center, Chris and Bev are confronted with the most idiotic, political and stupid rules of the so called conservationists in South Africa. The agony and rhetoric seem to be never ending. This book should be a “Must Read” for everyone who consider themselves to a conservationist. I learned so much about this issue, I often felt sick to my stomach. But then Chris would describe the everyday joys at home with the injured animals and that made up for it and made me feel better again. Every effort has a price, but why the hypocrisy from those that are supposedly on your side? I’m so thankful for people like Chris and Bev. What would this world be like without them? Thank you for writing this book and sharing your life with us. Your dedication is outstanding. And thank you also for taking up the cause against “Canned Lion Hunting”. Kristina Trowbridge Seattle, WA - USA