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Born and raised in Omaha Ne. I met the love of my life here and we were together for 30 years before he passed on 12-25-12. The stories that I'm publishing are his brain children. He loved writing, but never had any luck getting his stories published back in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

So now, with the advent of self-publishing and him glaring over my shoulder, I'm finally able to bring his children to life for the world of readers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. He had a wonderful but dark imagination. So much of himself and me are in these characters.

As authors our recognition comes from readers and their reviews. So please leave a review, whether good or bad, when done. They will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Pamela Foley

Smashwords Interview

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I work full-time for Medico Insurance Company. I work as Agent Support and am also a licensed healthcare agent. When not working or rewriting my late husband's manuscripts, I enjoy playing computer games.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
I actually prefer paper books to ebooks. I enjoy the feel and smell of a new book.
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  • Aine: Another Complication (Tales of the Executioners) on Nov. 25, 2013

    Good read, story line and character.
  • A Horse Named Liquor on Dec. 09, 2013

    I am not much into overly descriptive tales, but this very well done. It took awhile to see where the story was heading, but once there, I didn't want to see AVAILABLE MARCH 17, 2014. Sigh, will just have to wait I guess. Now I have to go dry off.
  • The confession on Jan. 08, 2014

    You need help with your editing. You also are telling the story, not showing it. You need more dialogue and interaction between the characters. Check out They are a great help for beginner writers. Good luck in your learning and writing process. Take guts to put a story out there for anyone to read.
  • Sure Fire on Jan. 18, 2014

    Very well written. I could feel the inner turmoil of the mother. Kinda of how serial killers or mass murderers are made.
  • The Rail-Walker Pt. 1 on Jan. 18, 2014

    Good story. I found a few errors, not that I have room to talk. I can't seem to find all my either. Well thought out plot. Eager to read the next book and see where it goes.
  • My BBW Scooter Club on Jan. 19, 2014

    I really liked this story. I happen to be a big girl too. Well done. There were a few typos, but they did not detract from the plot.
  • Dark Run on Jan. 19, 2014

    I liked this story very much. Has a great plot. Can't wait to see what happens next. Thank you