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Jonathan Jack James: Born in Strathclyde, Scotland in 1963. Now resident, with his wife and two children, in a small village in Kent, UK.
His writing career is slowly but surely taking off, with several books now published through Smashwords and other publishers.
Not one to be put in a box, Jonathan’s work ranges from the nautical, the military, scientific, comedy and his latest venture ‘After the Rush’ (not published as yet) is a Sci-Fi novel.
Whether good or bad, Jonathan James cannot be accused of being restricted to any particular genre. Though, if Jonathan was honest, I think comedy would be his field of choice, which is rather fortunate as there in another four books of 'The Doctors of Red Gallows Lane' yet to come.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
First started in my teens, quite a long time ago now
What's the story behind your latest book?
The latest published book is 'Murder most Funny' which started out as a six part comedy for TV. There was a few naughty words in there and the people I sent the script to disapproved, words like 'penis'...
So, I turned the script into a book, or rather a number of books. Essentially Book One is the first episode of my TV script. Eventually there will be a short book for each of my TV episodes. That's the plan, but re-writing scripts which are all dialogue, has it challenges... It keeps be busy.
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