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  • Jimmy Stone's Ghost Town on March 06, 2011
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    I enjoyed this book. Kind of a fun books with a little paranormal....waiting for more!!!!!
  • The Color of Heaven on March 12, 2011
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    Interesting story. Sophie watches her young daughter die of cancer. In her sorrow, she loses her husband to another woman and seemingly her will to live. But a car accident opens her eyes to things she has never seen before, about her own life and what is yet to come. Written like non-fiction. I had to go back and check to make sure that it was really a fiction book. Nice little read.
  • Death by Chocolate on March 29, 2011
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    I'd give this book a solid 3.5. It was a short book - 189 pages on my nookcolor. A nice little mystery between some heavier reads. Lindsay is a chocolatier. She owns a shop "Death by Chocolate". On the edge of divorce, she finds her soon to be ex wants her back. At the same time, something mysterious is up with her best friend, neighbor, co-worker Paula - something almost criminal. Can Lindsay help while side stepping her own pesky husband? Is she putting herself in danger? Kind of the same lines as the high heel series, except that the story is much lighter and less burdened with details. Lindsay is a very likable. We see her struggle with her own failed marriage and her own shortcomings, but yet her fierce loyalty to her friends. Lots of other neat characters including neighbor Fred, Detective Adam Trent, and a fluffy cat that adopts Lindsay. I really enjoyed it.
  • My Perfect Wedding on May 10, 2011
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    I haven't read the first book of this couplet (14 days), and didn't really need to to enjoy this high-spirted, hysterical romp around the island of Cyprus. Helen Grey travels from England to the island of Cyprus with her fiance in full burka (a practical joke played on her by him) preparing for their wedding and relocation to this beautiful retreat in pursuit of the simple life. But when a luggage mix up leads to the discovery of political information pointing to an assassination, Helen is determined to put the pieces together and stop the plot. Met by resistance at every turn, Helen and her hilarious band of friends try to save the target of this plot before it is too late. I really enjoy Sibel Hodge's writing. This book of fun and funny adventure and characters. I laughed out loud. But mostly I love Helen for not being the totally dizzy, blond chick-lit heroine stereotype. She's smart, sassy and daring, but not in a cheap way. Hodge creates another likeable character for this series, and matches her perfectly with a humerous story.