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Samantha Mozart is a newspaper and magazine feature stories writer, essayist, editor and award-winning poet. Ms. Mozart writes a blog, "The Scheherazade Chronicles", (formerly "Salmon Salad and Mozart," In March 2012 she founded a popular caregiver's support group, open to any caregiver who wants to tell her story, under "Women Writing for (a) Change" on Linkedin, comprised of members from around the world.

Ms. Mozart has published two books, "Begins the Night Music: A Dementia Caregiver's Journal, Volume I" and "To What Green Altar: A Dementia Caregiver's Journal, Volume II."

Smashwords Interview

I catch up with author Samantha Mozart in the cupola of her blog. She is vacuuming the worn, red Persian rug spanning the center of the wood floor. Its caravansary patterns rise in humps as she pulls the vacuum and flatten again as she pushes it. She is wearing blue jeans and a long, gray wool sweater. I come up behind her. She is not expecting me. I scare the frankincense out of her.

“Moriarty, your appellation suits your essence as The Phantom of My Blog,” she says, catching her breath. She pushes her long, dark blonde hair out of her face. “I’m never sure when you are here or what fancy-minded shenanigans you are up to.”

Thinking she says Appalachian, I tell her I have just returned from the far side of that mountain range, visiting my family in the Arkansas Ozarks. “Appellation,” she corrects, and I tell her I have been assigned to do an author interview of her. She says she welcomes the interruption from vacuuming.

We sit down and I lean forward to turn on the voice recorder. My note cards containing the questions fall from my lap onto the floor. They resemble a blue tent demolished in a dust storm. I lean to pick them up and my reading glasses slide off my nose and land on top of them. My face heats up. I know it’s not due to a desert sun, and I hope it isn’t as red as the rug. Samantha sits opposite me, amused, as I pick up my glasses and sort the cards. I should have numbered them.

We settle in and I turn on the recorder. She leans back in her chaise, stretches her legs and, crossing her ankles, awaits my questions. We begin.
You have published two books, Begins the Night Music and To What Green Altar, your Dementia Caregiver’s Journal, Volumes I and II, respectively. What inspired you to write these books?
For a decade, I was sole, unpaid caregiver for my mother, Emma, who suffered from dementia until she died at 97 in April 2012. On the rare occasions I was able to get out of the house, I was surprised to find how often I encountered other caregivers. I found we shared many experiences. When you are a caregiver, you feel alone no matter how much support you have around you. I decided that by publishing these books I could share my experiences with a broader audience, lending them support. I based the books on my blog.
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