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I'm 43 years old and I woke up to the New World Order in 2007. I immediately went to work researching it and this book is the sum total of my research. You can check the reviews for my book at amazon.com, but here are a few condensed versions:

"This book is priceless for all of the information it contains"

"One of the better books I've read on this subject"

"In brief, 'The Culling of Man' in my opinion is simply one of the most powerful, revealing and truthful books that one could ever get their hands on---a must read, a must share!!"

"If you want a book that tells the painful truth about the real rulers of the world look no where else. Great historical book that teaches you the real history of the United States and not the glossed over crap you are taught in educational institutions that the "men in charge" own and operate. A absolute must read."

"Mr. Hays hits every nail on the head in this excellent analysis of the human predicament today. He not only covers the material and historical facts that underlie our crisis but demonstrates by judicious use of historical quotations that our ancestors (and particularly their political leaders) were much more alive to these problems than society at large is today."

"In 'The Culling of Man' all of those pieces of conspiracy theory we have heard over the years are masterfully put together in an incredible panoramic view of realization. This book offers a matrix like awakening to what is going on in our world, and what makes it more incredible is the factual and historical quotes and accounts of the real people that seek nothing more than to turn humanity into slaves."

"Very interesting read and highly enlightening. I looked up some of the quoted information and it passed with flying colors. If you think you know the NWO you should get this book, because I guarantee there is information in here you didn't know but will be glad was brought to your attention."

"This was the most important life changing book that I have ever encountered (next to the Bible)"

"Great book if you want the truth. If you want to take the red pill and are interested in the truth. Read this book. If you don't and are content with the blue pill and its associated way of life, this book is not for you. I have been on a truth search for over a year now and this book is great for beginners and veterans alike. Everyone can learn something from this book. Highly recommend!!"

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