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  • Bound in Stone: Volume One on Aug. 15, 2012

    I found this book presented a compelling story with likeable characters that urged me to read on and on till I finished the book in now time at all. It's one of those few books you start reading and cannot put down until you finished it. I already finished the next two books of the series and bought the next three because the first trilogy were that good (and because I want to know how the story continues). I'm really happy that there will be more books of the Soulstone Chronicles as stated by K.M.Frontain because I know I'm going to read them all.
  • Bound in Stone: Volume Two on Aug. 15, 2012

    As stated in my review of the first book of the Soulstone Chronicles I find this book extremely likeable. It continues to draw you in the story that once you start reading you cannot stop. There's always the next chapter to read even if it is 1 hour in the morning and I had to stop myself reading to finally go to sleep only to find myself making extra spare time the next day to continue reading. This is one of the most enjoyable series I have read so far.
  • Bound in Stone: Volume Three on Aug. 15, 2012

    Again the book didn't disappoint with keeping me interested in the story. I immensely enjoyed the quarreling between king Ugoth and Herfod/Kehfrey and the situations both found themselves in. The story comes to its conclusion in the war between the Ulmenirans and the ammassed soldiers and the undead armee of the evil sorcerer Marun who wants Kehfrey back for himself. At the end there are clues that hint how the story will continue in the next trilogy 'The Gryphon Taint' of the Soulstone Chronicles. I have bought it already and started reading (again, like I said in my first and second review: must continue reading...).
  • The Gryphon Taint: Volume One on Sep. 02, 2012

    The first book of the Soulstone Chronicles 'The Gryphon Taint' continues with the story roughly 100 years after the events of the first trilogy. There are new characters introduced that still carry a strong connection to the old ones. The first book in this series centers on Ugoth (the new one), Hanicke (new one as well) and the character Sticks and how they find each other. As in the books of the first trilogy I found their interaction quite amusing and well written. The quality of the writing has not diminished compared to the first series but continues to draw you in so that one hardly can put down the book once started reading. Needless to say I have bought the other books of this series as well.
  • The Gryphon Taint: Volume Two on Sep. 02, 2012

    The second book of this serie continues with the adventures of Ugoth, Hanicke and Sticks where the first book ended. A new menace must be eliminated and a new character Prince Ufrid (brother to Ugoth) is introduced and starts to complicate matters. The book ends with a nice twist and makes one start directly reading the next book in the series, so make sure you have the next one handy. As the first four books I have read of the Soulstone Chronicles this one does not disappoint. It has the same quality in writing as its predecessors and it is really fun to read too. I wish the story would continue forerver.
  • The Gryphon Taint: Volume Three on Sep. 02, 2012

    In this book, the third one of the trilogy, Herfod has a bigger role to play as there are some things to be made right again between Ugoth and Sticks. Not to mention a new war against the shadow master Marun who once again tries to invade. Also we learn more about the gryphon taint that both brothers Ugoth and Ufrid inherited from their ancestor. Not to repeat myself but this book is as good as all its predecessors. The story keeps drawing you in, compelling you to read on till you reach the end of the book in no time at all. But thankfully there is more to read. The story continues in the next installment of the series the Soulstone Chronicles. I will continue read this series and I hope that K.M.Frontain has still many good ideas left to continue this awesome series.
  • The Disposition of Ashes: Volume One on Sep. 23, 2012

    The war against the shadow master is won and the parties start on their way home. Ugoth and Hanicke together with Sticks search for their gryphon ancestor while Ufrid leads the way home to Ulmenir with the rest. What else can I say that I did not say in my reviews of the previous books of the series. It's still a fantastic compelling story that makes you forget time while you read it and surprises you when you realize you have reached the end of the book in no time at all. But thankfully there are still more books of this series to read and I hope there will be more to come.
  • The Disposition of Ashes: Volume Two on Sep. 23, 2012

    Ugoth and Hanicker come back to Ufrid and Herfod in the last half of the journey back to Uleminr and bring with them new characters which shed more light on Herfods identity. Back in the city there are things that needed be done for Ufrid and Herford in order to rule the kingdom and the Church of Heavenly Light plans to take steps against Ufrid and Herford while Ufrid learns that he is more than only gryphon get. Again the book manages to drive me to reading whenever I have time on my hands. I really love the characters and the story K.M. Frontain has managed to create and I really look forward to the stories that will be awaiting me.
  • The Disposition of Ashes: Volume Three on Sep. 23, 2012

    Renhard, bishop of the Church of Heavenly Light, plans to do away with Nicky and therefore Ufrid and Herfod by bringing the fact that she still lives to the elves while Ufrid is forced to work together with the shadow masters apprentice to bring Marun back to life again. In the midst of all the son of Ugoth and Hanicke is born. After finishing the third book I'm still wanting more. Normaly after so many books (nine so far) the story is getting slowly stale but not so in this series. There are still new ideas, new characters and situations that keep you interested. Please do continue writing this series as I would like to see what will happen to Herfod and the people surrounding him in the stories to come.