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  • The Slave Factory: Exposed! on Aug. 10, 2013

    After reading The Slave Factory (the first book in this series), I was left with a lot of questions. I was intrigued by the characters and wanted to know more. What exactly happened after the book ended? How did the slaves fare with their new Masters and Mistresses? And did Tonya make the right choice? At the end of The Slave Factory, when Tonya was being auctioned off and Fitzpatrick stepped in and claimed her for his own with the Right of the Lord, he gave up his position and place in Per il Placere del Maestro. He also angered the high bidder for her flesh: Mr. Green, aka Connor Brennan. Connor had a reputation for being a sadistic, brutal master, who liked to brand his female slaves with his initials and keep them in a box below his bed at night. Just how sadistic he really was, however, no one realized. It had been his dream to take Tonya home to his house of horrors, and when she was snatched away from him by Fitzpatrick’s action, he vowed to get her back at any cost. Hatching the beginning of his plan, he called the FBI to have Fitzpatrick and the Academy investigated for slavery. As events unfold, Katherine, now the new Head Mistress of the Academy, must deal with how to reopen the Academy for training. We also learn how the other slaves at the auction are faring. When Jerome’s Mistress dies, it causes the former slave class to return to the Academy, just as all hell’s about to break loose. With the FBI now interested in the Academy and planning a raid, Jerome being eyed suspiciously for his Mistress’s death, and Connor Brennan determined to make Tonya his, Fitzpatrick may be the only one who can take control of the situation. The Slave Factory: Exposed! has some hot sex scenes between Tonya and Fitzpatrick as well as some of the other slaves and masters that are sure to get you aroused. It also has a plot that creates quite a bit of sadness as well as a great deal of tension, and it introduces a true horror in the guise of Connor Brennan that will give you chills. Once you start reading, you’ll find it hard to put down until you’re done. Thank you to I. M. Telling for sending me a copy of The Slave Factory: Exposed! for free to review! (A slightly longer version of this review appears on my blog).