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  • Untraceable (Book 1: The Nature of Grace series) on Dec. 22, 2011
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    I enjoyed this book. It was very different than what has been out there lately, and it was nice to not have to read about some vampire falling in love with a human for once. Which is all I tend to read... :) I liked how it was about a relationship with ones father that is so strong that she didn't give up on looking for him, when everyone else did. My first thoughts: Why is she running? Who is after her? Does she live in the woods? Why is she in the woods? Ohhh! Now I understand! Yeah, so I was a little confused at the beginning, but the author sorts it all out and explains everything. Which was a very big plus for me. I HATE it when nothing is explained! I like to know things and S.R did that really well in Untraceable. I really liked Grace, she was determined and strong. If someone told me my dad was missing, I'd curl into a ball and cry for 3 months. Grace doesn't do that, she puts on a tough face and goes into the woods and searches for any part of her dad. When that tough exterior falls away, she's like any teen. She cries about her dad and refuses to believe he's truly dead. And when she's faced with betrayals, she takes them in stride and does whatever she can to fight off that betrayal. Then there's Mo... Mo... Sigh... I want Mo. Grace meets him while she is fly-fishing and then he * spoiler* her. After that moment her walls come down and they start to get to know each other. I loved Mo's character and I wish she didn't end it how she did. I cried when I read that scene with him. Plus, I want to be called Blossom. That just sounds amazing. :) I really did like this book. There would be some things that I didn't like, but that was only to keep the plot rolling and get us interested in the next book. Which I will defiantly be picking up! Check out this book and you won't be disappointed! ~~Sam :)