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  • Centaur Legacy on Dec. 13, 2012

    Put it this way i think my boyfriend was ready to smash my kindle by midnight, he couldnt get any sense out of me what so ever i was that engrossed in the story.Alot developes in centaurs legacy the characters grow and u get to know them better and love them even more .I think Beau has got to be my favorite Strayer as well as Cami and you get to know him alot better in this book seeing from his perspective which i really liked.Cami's and Drake's love is put to the test and they have a few hurdles and sacrifices to get through,put it this way i was not expecting what did happen but loved the way this book unraveled.Nancy is a fantastic author and knows i love her books thanx Nancy this was a brilliant second installement to the Touched series i am looking forward to where book 3 will take us in Cami's and Drakes adventure and where there future will lead.