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Here is a little insight in to my life and what influenced me to become an author.

I was born in a small town in Sussex in 1984. When I was young, I never really thought of writing for a living. I had a different dream back then; I wanted to be a professional golfer, not just any pro, the world number 1. What can I say; I have always been a dreamer. Whenever I was on the course, my mind always wandered. I used to imagine that there was a huge crowd around me and every shot meant something. The problem was I have never been one to handle pressure very well, so that sort of backfired. The thing this taught me was that I had a very clear imagination. I could almost hear the crowd cheer when I hit a great shot.

School was a bit of a challenge for me. It wasn't that I didn't have the capability to succeed in school; I just didn't really have the motivation. I left with less than desirable grades, which I wasn't surprised at. I was never a massive fan of school. Most people have their favorite subjects, but I never did. Ironically my least favorite was English, unless it involves writing stories.

When I left school, I started work as a gardener. The dream of becoming a pro golfer was still very much set in stone. It was when I was 17 that my dreams changed. My girlfriend told me she was pregnant. Everything seemed very unclear in my mind except one thing; I was going to be there for the both of them. That Girlfriend became my wife and we have a fantastic little boy.

After being married for a couple of years, my imagination began to creep in again and I started having ideas for stories. Having always having a bit of a weakness for movies, coming up with storylines didn't seem all that difficult a task, what a fool I was for thinking that. Anyway, I came up with a story and began to write some bits and pieces on paper. I kept working at it and before I knew where I was I had over a hundred A4 pages in my hand. I read through it and that was when it hit me. It was rubbish, so I threw it in the bin.

Another piece of irony is that I never really had an interest in reading. In fact, I hated it. It was when I was about 21 that I first picked up a book and read it cover to cover, I have been reading ever since and am starting to favor it over movies. After I read my first couple of books, I started to have ideas for stories again. I started another one and again, a lack of confidence stopped me, this happened a few times. Then I found the prologue for Dark Gold in the My Documents file of my computer. So I decided to give it another go. It wasn't without its ups and downs but I eventually finished it. The feeling I got when I hit that final full stop was indescribable and I can’t wait to feel it again.

I have a few new story lines in mind for my character so I am hoping that the next novel will take slightly less time to write, other wise it won’t be out until 2015.

Thank you for listening and I hope I haven’t bored you too much. If you’re anything like me, you would have fallen asleep around 'When I left school'.
Thanks again and happy reading.

Samuel J Riddles


Dark Gold
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 83,730. Language: English. Published: January 12, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » General
In 1882, a cave with deadly secrets is discovered by three teenagers. Present day- Anti Terror Agent Alex York is caught up in an attack in his local town. As he begins to investigate, he soon learns that the attacks are just the beginning and some of those close to him know more than he realizes

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