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Samuel Solomon is a father of two boys and lives in the Denver area, near the Rocky Mountains. He began writing short segments in an online blog, and published his first book, a collection of short works titled ‘Coqueto’, in 2009. Samuel has more books coming soon!

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Smashwords book reviews by Samuel Solomon

  • To Travel Hopelessly on Sep. 02, 2011

    I loved this book! Painfully honest, unassuming, and unpretentious. I read it in one sitting and couldn't stop, only wishing there was more, when I was finished! The author takes you on his trips, and runs the gamut of experiences, emotions, exasperation, and ecstasy! Absolutely hilarious, and fully sobering, which is something, given the general drunken misadventures within. Stop jerking around and just get this book immediately. You'll thank me.
  • The Simple Man Chronicles on June 20, 2012

    This body of work impacted me deeply. It is the rare sort of writing that gives you chills, and reminds you of the dark recesses that we often avoid. It tells truth without apology or consideration, making it like a punch in the face that you are somehow grateful for. It is this sort of writing that first inspired me to take up the quill myself, and it is where I find the most value. There is compassion within, and a certain courage of thought, even when it is tentative. I have a deep admiration for this Author’s work, and perhaps many of his weaknesses are, in fact, his strengths. There is no lack of strength in his character or his writing. Those who read him may find that strength imparted to them. I certainly did.