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Smashwords book reviews by cathy perkins

  • Bonded on Sep. 21, 2012

    Loved it! read the whole series so far and didn't want to put my Sony down---reading till 3am this morning to see what happened!!!! DEFFINATELY worth reading.Thanks Nicky Cathy
  • Never Forever - The Champagne Hurricane Trilogy - Book 1 on Oct. 17, 2012

    hi there! LOVED this book!! Haven't read a book in years that's made me cry so much.The story is excellent and there were some parts I really related to (loss of baby/loss of husband/emotional battles).I will probably read this over and over again in part to keep my love alive whilst in sorrow. Couldn't put it down---it was just so REAL. cathy perkins If it was possible it would have at least 10 stars!!!!!!
  • The Wolf's Mate Book 5: Bo & Reika on Jan. 27, 2013

    Totally enjoyed the whole series so far.In fact I have been engrossed in all the books by this author that I have read. Looking forward to successive books int the various series
  • Blood Moon (Cat Clan) on Jan. 27, 2013

    Loved it! As good as the rest of the series and awaiting the next installment
  • The Spell (a Big Bad Wolf romance, book three) on March 07, 2013

    good story but the "bringing back to life" a little much CathyP
  • Crescent Moon on March 07, 2013

    read all the books in the series so far--enjoyed them--ready for the next in the series CathyP
  • The Hunt on March 10, 2013

    just finished reading this book and its just as good as the rest of the series. enjoyed it immensely CathyP
  • Betrayed: Days of the Rogue on March 29, 2013

    Loved it!! I yhave read all of Nicky Charles' books and have not been disappointed in any of them. Great that Damien is finally getting it together and would love to find out if Eve is related. Keep up the great stories!!!! CathyP---Somerset, UK
  • Seducing Samantha (Ashland Pride One) on March 29, 2013

    Good to read more on the families of Callies mates. Hoping to read more soon. Good story Cathy P---Somerset,UK
  • The Tribe's Bride (The Necklace Chronicles Book One) on April 03, 2013

    enjoyable story giving an interesting twist to the native american stories.Hawk especially gives the view that he's very insecure but he can be just as domineering as his brothers in his own way. Cathy P---Somerset UK
  • The Gigolo's Bride (The Necklace Chronicles) on April 03, 2013

    good read but I found it a little disjointed. cultural and character references would have brought it more to life and given it more depth I did enjoy it though Cathy P-- Somerset UK
  • Legend of the White Werewolf Series The Forgotten Ones on May 19, 2013

    enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the next in the series.could perhaps do with a little "umph" in the emotional and sexual field but good none the less
  • The Wolf's Mate Book 6: Logan & Jenna on May 19, 2013

    another good read in the wolf's mate series.looking forward to the rest of the series.
  • Keeping Kaitlyn on June 12, 2013

    enjoyed this book. Ms Bast's work is true escapism with a capital "E"
  • Pursuing Paige on June 12, 2013

    great story and I am awaiting Carolines story with Torrent
  • The Water Crystal on June 12, 2013

    Brilliant story of a future time and what could happen in case of invasion.It did,however, end a little abruptly----somewhat unusual for Ms Bast---but this did not detract from the story
  • Twilight on June 13, 2013

    A good story but not one of her best
  • The McDougal Pack Alpha on July 31, 2013

    good story.I enjoyed this immensely
  • Tales of the Were: Grif on July 31, 2013

    another great read from Bianca. love her books and wish she would continue the String of Fate series
  • Every Night Forever (Hyena Heat One) on Aug. 17, 2013

    good read, made even better when I realised that it was an offshoot of "the wolfs mate" series
  • Every Dawn Forever (Hyena Heat Two) on Aug. 17, 2013

    good second story in the series.really enjoyed it
  • Legend of the White Werewolf 2-The Second Son on Aug. 28, 2013

    having read the other books in this series, I was looking forward to another excellent read. Sorry, this reads as if a 10/11yr old had written it. it was disjointed and very poor gramatically. only good point is that story itself was reasonably good.
  • Shifters Unleashed (Five Volume Box Set) on Oct. 03, 2013

    enjoyable selection of short stories for a a light read.
  • Raven's Guardian: The Claiming on Oct. 03, 2013

    interesting start to a good story which is in its way quite riveting without being erotic
  • The Kategan Alphas Volume 2 on Oct. 03, 2013

    good continuation of the story and looking forward to more from the author