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  • The Wes Crowley Saga on Jan. 15, 2016
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    The Wes Crowley Saga: A Review… If you enjoyed Lonesome Dove, or Dances with Wolves, you will find The Wes Crowley Saga by Harvey Stanbrough equally as gripping. Covering a thirty-year period in the days of the old west, the reader will be able to taste the trail dust, feel the sweat and hear the creaking of the saddle and enjoy the thrill of riding with the Texas Rangers as they battle Comanche raiders. Each book stands alone in its story but leaves the reader wanting more. And with each new adventure, the reader receives more story, danger and excitement. One can walk into a cantina and see the expressions on faces, smell the Vaqueros after weeks of riding, laugh with the bartender-storyteller, hear the casual Spanish (translated) spoken, and feel the anxiety of a young mother as her husband rides off to battle. Our hero, Western J. Crowley, learns how to handle his pistol and rifle while riding at full gallop. He becomes a leader of his troop of lawmen. Stanbrough conveys the compassion of a Ranger who has to make instant decisions whether to kill or be killed. Once finished, you may find yourself reliving parts of the adventure days later. Sam Turner January 13, 2016 For your information: Sam Turner Sam Turner, a retired art and writing teacher, is a freelance writer. He's contributed to Arizona Highways and The Aviation and Business Journal. He teaches memoir writing, and with his wife Phyllis, have published This Might Help: A Three-Year Walk Through the Valley with the Compassionate Friends, for people who have experienced the death of a child.. He has also contributed to the anthology: HATCHED by Quail Run Writers. To be Continued by Sam