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  • Alpha Mike on Oct. 22, 2012

    I opened this book with some trepidation, this is not my usual fare when reading. I knew it would contain graphic descriptions of a World gone bad, terribly wrong and bad. From the onset of the biological weapon that wreaks havoc and death across the Earth, to the startling conclusion, this book is about survival: any way possible. Nothing is familiar except the landscape, every thing else has altered and for the worst. This is the American nightmare: nothing is reliable, orderly, predetermined or romantic. The Enemy has overrun the United States and few Americans have survived the killing Sickness only to be enslaved or simply done away with as worthless and burdensome. Through some lucky fluke, David Perkins, basically the guy next door, has found himself alive if not well. With standard training from a stint in the Air Force, he managed not only to remain alive but to collect and train a cadre of women in military efficiency and survival skills. They become guerilla fighters and saboteurs of such skill that the name Alpha One Team is spoken in the councils of resistance fighters with awe and respect, a hero to emulate and with luck, to bring in to connect with the organized forces that remain, a piece-meal coalition of State Militia and Federal troops. This book captured me from the very start, within a short while I was gripping the edge of my chair, eyes flying across the page to keep up with the fast moving action, this book races. Your heart races and your breathing accelerates, your attention becomes focused and you jump at the smallest sound! I stayed up way past time to sleep because I couldn't let it go, it was a need to know situation. Oddly enough, the story followed me the next day, turning over possibilities and probabilities in my head until I was able to get back into the action. You run to keep up with this American Hero, he won't wait for you to catch your breath. He has the toughest, yet quite vulnerable, group of women warriors I have ever seen assembled, willing to risk the lives for their freedom and their cause. And, of course, for the intelligent and dedicated man who leads them. A small note here for those with sensitive feelings, nothing and no is spared in their pursuit of victory over the invaders. Their language is down-to-earth and raw. The sex is frequent and stirring, there is little if anything held back. This is a frightening tale, the story line so plausible you find yourself casting a more discerning eye at the World Events on the nightly news. Moreover, it speaks of a man who ideals are so strong, so impeccable, you ask yourself, could I do this? Would I do this? Having read only Book 1 of the Alpha Mike One trilogy, I'm more than ready to take on Book 2, Alpha Mike - 4 to 6. This is not a book for those with tender sensibilities or for those not of adult age. But if you enjoy reading about the possibilities of a Post-Apocalyptic World, this book will ensnare you and keep you captive until the last deal goes down.
  • Alpha Mike – Four to Six on Jan. 17, 2013

    Having read Alpha Mike some months ago I felt I was ready to take on Alpha Mike One 4-6 without dragging too much extra baggage with me. Sequential books can sometimes dull the reader's eye to new approaches and nuances that the author, in this case Bert Marshall, has brought to the table. I was not surprised to find our protagonist, the now Major David Perkins, living in the lap of relative luxury at Fort Polk, Louisiana, one of the few remaining operational military posts. He and his team, Alpha Mike One are survivors in a Post-Sickness world where approximately 85% of the Earth's population have succumbed to a bio-chemical viral agent gone awry. The Illness has taken down governments, Church and State, military/industrial forces and most of the niceties of Human civilization. Perkins and his Special Forces trained squad of women soldiers are basking in the adulation of other military personnel stationed at Fort Polk, one of a very few military posts in the Eastern half of the former United States of America, when word is received that a renewed assault has been planned for the Gulf Coastal Region. Heading Eastward along with several other Perkins-trained teams they are struck hard by ferocious firefights and then the release of another biological weapon, another viral attack gone out of control. On their own once again with no resources, no communication, no support or back-up of any kind, they invade the Chinese-held urban centers where supplies are more plentiful if not immediately accessible. Having acquired a couple or so strays along the way, they use guerrilla style warfare adapted to inner-city terrain, confiscating goods and weaponry where ever available, a Costco warehouse being one of the largest sources of supply and conflict with the enemy. Nothing is free, it is hard won with the lives of many team members and injuries to David and others. Having taken and reclaimed a National Guard Armory, the team has shelter, protection to a degree and a command center from which to launch attacks on the New Patriots. The next wave of Chinese-led New Patriots arrive, with sniper teams to wipe them out, the most feared and wanted group of Resistance Fighters in New China. David Perkins remains an unparalleled hero throughout, not quite by accident, but certainly not by charging out to earn medals. He and his extraordinary band of warriors are there to do a job. The job is to locate and save as many true American lives as possible, dealing with invaders, informers and turncoats in a swift and timely fashion, often by explosive means. His female soldiers, military specialists and experts in their own right, have chosen to remain under Perkin's command, certainly by acceptance of his almost instinctual battle tactics, his single-minded loyalty to the people under his direction, and by a type of animal magnetism he seems to exercise over women, ensuring full devotion and vigilance. Just a note here, once again there is a lot of recreational sex, not explicit by any means, it is simply there as a recurrent theme. This novel is not only about the arts of warfare but of intimate encounters as well. In a world where violence and sudden death are a given, some of the horror is mitigated by sexual episodes that serve to lighten the air of a desperate world. David Perkins has become more inwardly drawn, more driven to destroy as many of the New Patriots as possible and has become more human in his short-comings. Although the book has the same rapid pace of Book One, it begins to show more of the mental and emotional processes needed to flesh out a memorable hero and his companions. As a military action novel, it is without a doubt High Adventure for a reader not willing to become bogged down in endless statistics and explanations. The book is an Adult novel containing violence, sex, unpleasant ways of killing people and is not for the faint-hearted. It is exactly what it claims to be, rapid-fire action. Mr. Marshall has improved and matured in his writing style and his novel is a pleasure to read.