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Sandra Carrington-Smith is a mother, writer and self-titled "life observer," currently living in North Carolina with her family. A native of Italy, with poetry published there as a young adult, Sandra grew up in a fascinating environment: her father is a devout Catholic, her mother a Voodoo priestess, her maternal grandmother a Strega witch (a centuries-old practice of Italian witchcraft), and her paternal grandmother a Christian healer.

Although these paths are often perceived as being at odds with one another, Sandra realized at an early age how similar they are; she learned to travel through life with an open mind, viewing her journey from multiple angles. This early lesson in perception has allowed her to create a full, diverse, loving life experience, and in turn offer guidance to those in search of the same.

It is Sandra's vast knowledge of Voodoo which makes her background even more fascinating. She has crafted her own path in the realms of a more elusive, secretive following of Voodoo, which made her uniquely qualified to write the intriguing novel, The Book of Obeah, the first in the Sacred Awakening Series. People from all backgrounds and life situations are naturally drawn to Sandra.

Her blogs are read by people around the world; they have been used by ministers in their weekly sermons, and have also led to invitations to speak at various gatherings.

Sandra combines the charming, worldly sophistication of Isabella Rossellini; the delightful, upbeat attitude of magickal-yet-practical mom, Samantha Stevens of Bewitched; the timeless, maternal wisdom of Olivia Walton; all flavored with a dash of Erma Bombeck's sensible humor.

Through her life and her work, Sandra has developed a consistent message: A shift in perspective can drastically alter one's perception of reality. It is her mission to offer people ways to see the world differently, gently guiding them toward self-discovery and healing, encouraging them to create a more fulfilling, more joyful reality.

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