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  • Treasure The Moment on Jan. 30, 2011
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    A superbly well-written story that captivates(I chuckled continually. Read this book for a wry, tender, wise and humor-filled look at what some members of the counter culture may be doing right at this very moment—the same as you and me, just with more awareness, second guessing, and sex (maybe just mental, and maybe they just admit it!). It’s as if Candide and his crew had settled down to their cultivated garden—this time on an island off Vancouver –and decided NOT to be bored or boring, but to love, joke about the little moments in between the big ones, and have kids. And children-- goats figure here; go figure. Living off the land, making a greener footprint while shunning the politics of their Capitalistic cousins, doesn’t save this family from the moment-to moment headaches of modern life. They’ve turned back the clock to an idealistic communal no-clocks era. The dream didn’t die, it’s just worse for day-to-day(moment by moment)wear. These idiosyncratic characters wear the dream like a tarnished badge of honor. But there’s not a whiff of self-congratulation in the bunch—just a group you’d like to have a big, long, messy, communal meal with…. Enjoy! It’s going to make a great film—option it now!! ;)