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I am the CEO/Founder of Halos Investigations Inc - MAPP and Intercept,Halos Trafficking Task Force, Youth Empowerment Program and a Professional Private Investigator. I have been a child advocate for over 25 years and I take my cases very seriously. We are a non profit 501c3 federal and state registered charity. Our focus is on Missing and Trafficked children up to the age of 19. We never charge our families or law enforcement for our services.
A Blessed calling. I HAVE HAD A Many GREAT YEARS WITH THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF FAMILY and Dedicated Volunteers.
I am a Mother Grandmother and GG . I am a Minister for God with my focus being on the youth. I am very focused on Intercessory Prayer and Healing. I am also a Best Selling author and retired vocalist. I am also retired from my position with a large worldwide resort chain in sales and marketing. I volunteered for CASA Court Appointed Special Advocate for many years helping to change a law for children's rights in the court system in Louisiana. Counseling and Mentoring has also been a priority in my life when it come to youth. By helping others I am helping myself each and every day. God Blesses and helps us in all things. I see it in my family and most of all I feel it in Myself. I Am As Is~ Thank God!
To me its not about Religion, its about Oneness and our personal relationship with our Creator..

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Being an advocate for Children started many years ago. Being a Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse I knew I had to help others like me. In 1992 I joined with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for abused, neglected and exploited children in Louisiana, helping to change a law and being with children until they aged out. In this role I worked with families, DHS, law enforcement, the Court System being the Voice for the child in court and more.
In 2010 Halos Outreach was formed. My Co- Founder and I, Arthur Jones III wrote six books, all relating to self help, families and more. They are still available in all book venues. We helped in many areas such as homelessness, food drives, and holding classes and speaking to those on the importance of family and the roles we play. Arthur had to step down when he entered the Seminary and is continuing his path to do good things for humanity. I continued to build Halos Outreach but knew there was more that needed to be done as our children were being targeted more and more, at a younger age.
In 2004 my own daughter met someone online and left for New York City. A Nightmare no family wants to endure. After years, the story has a great ending as she works to help others that have been on the streets and addiction issues. In saying that it put me in a place to “Truly” know what these families are going through that we now help. We stay in touch with families even after the case is resolved and have built lasting friendships.
October 2014 I completed ALS/ Crisis Management and State Coordinator training for CFSI ( Center For Search And Investigations) for missing children, a great organization who searches for Missing Children ages 11-16 years old. In January 2015 I finished my PI training and have since formed Halos Investigations Inc expanding Halos Outreach. I trained a great lady and worked along with her, Tina Storz the President and Senior Investigator now for Halos. Through Halos Investigations Inc I offered my services pro bono to CFSI for Missing Children for one year, being able to continue my advocacy for children. We started getting request for children that were older and younger children of families desperate for help. Now our cases keep coming in so we are concentrating on building Halos Investigations Inc and Outreach to help in our expansion offering help to all that we can.
In July 2015 a new Division was added to Halos Investigations and Outreach, Intercept and MAPP (Mississippi Against Predators and Pedophiles), where our Task Force looks for those who Exploit and Traffick our Children Nationwide. Our divisions are growing and more will be added soon. Our Youth Empowerment Programs educate youth everywhere about the dangers on and offline. We also give a Scholarship honoring Mimi Lewis, one of our cases of a 14 year old girl groomed and murdered. Halos Investigations for Missing, Murdered and Trafficked is dedicated to families. Keep updated by visiting our investigations website at This is now our main site.

Sandye M Roberts PI
CEO/Founder Halos Investigations Inc
(228) 334-1529

ABOUT ARTHUR:The Publisher

Arthur L. Jones, III is an Author of both Fiction and Non-Fiction books, with two best sellers. an Ordained Minister, a Usui Reiki teacher, a Spiritual Counselor, and a crystal/gemstone enthusiast. He is the 49 year old Father of one son. He is a full-time resident of the South Georgia/North Florida area.

Arthur is a 1985 Graduate of Thomasville (GA) High School and a 1989 Graduate of Morris Brown College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature/Language. He also attended Graduate School at both Georgia State University and Valdosta State University; majoring in Middle Grades Education.

In his linear life, Arthur works in the Publishing and Non-profit fields. He is a newspaper reporter and photojournalist. Along with Sandye, he works to use Reiki and his GOD-given gifts to help as many people as possible.
He is currently completing his seminary studies in Tennessee.

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. May GOD richly bless you!

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