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  • Glimmer (Zellie Wells #2) on Nov. 20, 2010

    I want to start this review by saying that this is going to have spoilers because I don't know how to say everything I need to say with out them. First off, I really like this series. I started reading this online while at the same time reading "Infernal Devices" by Cassandra Claire at night. I was concerned that I would not be able to concentrate on this book because lets face it, Cassandra Claire's books are best sellers and just awesome. Here is where my problem starts. I could not get this book out of my head in order to read "Infernal Devices"! I kept putting down that book to come to my computer and pull up Glimmer and continue reading. What does that say? That Stacey Benefiel's books should be sitting on all of the displays at all of the book stores right next to best selling authors! Ok, that being said let me talk about the book. I gave this four stars only because I thought the story jumped from one scene to the next without fully finishing out what was currently going on. One minute Christopher is the bad guy the next he is helping save the world with Ben and Zellie. Out of no where Grandma is dead and some new character is the bad guy trying to destroy the world. I felt like there should have been more of a transition between the events that brought them together. I liked how she incorporated different sexualities into the story line without skipping a beat. She captured the teenage persona so well and the descriptive writing makes you feel as if your watching it on a movie screen. The love between Zellie and Avery is written powerfully, the action scenes are fast paced and exciting and the dreams and visions are well plotted. Another reason it only got four stars is in my opinion, as a mother of 3 teenage boys I thought the language was way to strong and the sex scenes are way to descriptive. Though I thought the struggle Zellie has about losing her virginity was very real and well thought out. However, I feel that this book will appeal to the young teens and tweens but is not appropriate for anyone younger than 16. When I think of YA a 13 or 14 year old does not come to mind. That is just me as an old 37 year old mom but to each his own! Besides that I think this series and this book were awesome. Stacey Benefiel is going to be a big deal and I for one am glad I get to go along for the ride.
  • Red on Sep. 07, 2011

    I absolutly love this book! I didn't even think of Red Riding Hood while reading this. Truely a page turner that will keep you up all night and have you gasping for breath. If you love YA paranormal romance you will love this book.
  • Seeds of Discovery: Dusk Gate Chronicles on Nov. 10, 2011

    I have to say I loved this book! When I first got it I was a little weary and was not in any rush to start reading it. Shame on me! Once I started I could not put it down. I absolutely love the three main characters. Thomas being my favorite but William a close second! I liked how Quinn was so excepting to the new world she discovered and did not majorly freak out every other paragraph like some other books I have read. She is smart and funny yet independent and strong. I love how the the author didn't make this a love story from the start. She has left us all guessing, sure we know Zander has it bad for her but I'm unsure about Thomas and William? I'm not sure who I want her to fall for! Of course there is a bad guy (Tullaver) and I am pretty sure he has something to do with the poisonings but again I don't know! This leaves me super excited about the next book! Tullaver is creepy, sick and simply put a very rotten character. So naturally, I hate him but love him in this book all the same! All I can say is congratulations and thank you to Ms. Puttroff for an having such an amazing talent and sharing it with us.