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William Guy Thilgen Jr. (Billl) is a 67 year young retired former native of St. Paul (East Side), Minnesota commonly known as the Twin Cities. Now living in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. He is the middle child of seven, with three older half-sisters, two younger brothers and a baby sister.

Prior to his retirement, Billl followed his grandfather's footsteps as a professional truck driver. A career that allowed him to see parts of the country, taste various foods and to partake in a variety of adventures whenever he happen across them. During those years he considered himself to be a professional tourist.

Billl attributes his imagination and story-telling ability to the fact that, like most children during his youth, he grew up in a large family in a small house with no room to play indoors. Most children of that era grew up playing outdoors. He and his friends would spend hours and hours finding things to do, and on occasion making up their own adventures.

As Billl aged he viewed life as series of adventures. It was on one such adventure in the winter of 1994.

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Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in St. Paul (East Side), Minnesota. Back in the ole days there were ethnic neighborhoods, ours was an Irish one. No television in those days only the radio and old Irish gentlemen that told tall tales (stories) of mystery and intrigue. All of which usually started with "Once upon a time."

Like most children during my youth, I grew up in a large family in a small house with no room to play indoors. Most children of that era grew up playing outdoors. My friends and I would spend hours and hours outside finding things to do, and on occasion making up our own adventures.

Times have changed, young men grow old and now its my turn to tell of the adventures. They don't start with "Once upon a time" any longer. The new format begins with; "Your not going to believe this shit; But, Once upon a time."
You state that you don't like to charge a fee for your writings and yet you do.
All one needs at an library is a card and one gets books free; provided they are returned in the same shape. So they are actually borrowed.

Any business that would allow them selves to follow in the foot steps of a library would go bust in no time. How does one return a e-book. Time restraints can be placed on them but people read at different rates. One book can be finished in a night while the next could take years to be read.

There was an era in (before the electronic age) when people would sit and read. You could buy a book for as little as one cent that's 1/100th of a dollar. They were know as “Penny Books”. Well that era is gone and inflation is here to stay. It's is ironic, but if one takes inflation into effect; the price of my books are still only one cent, except it's on the other side of the dollar; it's now 1/100th less.

If for what ever reason one can not afford the price of one or more of my titles I will send them a copy for free in 'PDF" format which is readable on 99% of hand helds devices as well as 99% of all "PC's) in the last ten years. I will send it free with one exception and that after reading or before should they choose. They make a copy and "Pass It Foreword".
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