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Smashwords book reviews by sf annwn

  • Corvus on Dec. 23, 2012

    good enough writing that I finished it, but it seems to be at least two different books... one is virtual reality as cyberporn haven for BDSM pedophiles...not my favorite theme but could be a thought provoking tale another is virtual reality as matrix for punishment morphs into shamanic journeying that allows delinquent teens to heal the planet. That one intrigues me...Zach as creator Corvus raven. Laura as poisonous world serpent in the caverns of the earth, Lev/Fabio/Inuit shaman as polar bear, Stella as big round black seal woman, Mateus as color-communicating chameleon (skip the tabletop) and either develop the homo sapiens/cognoscens/uber-aliens theme or put it in another book, as it is its just a distraction.
  • Mortal Ghost on Dec. 23, 2012

    Again, there are at least two stories here... one is abused murdered heroin addict returns as Loki Norse trickster to save sister from evil drug-lords. the other is the reversal of the ghost in the machine where the secret government artificial intelligence installation goes rogue and tries take over the teenage human/machine interface. I don't usually bother giving reviews, but you have the potential to be a truly excellent writer with a unique vision. kudos for how far you've gotten...just don't stop here.