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  • The Blues, Mary on Aug. 28, 2012

    Sarah Kay’s debut novel, The Blues, Mary, is an existential journey through the tangled relationships formed in the music world of New York City. Far from home, and even farther from the ability to commit to the woman he loves, her narrator seeks to find the answers through a rock and roll singer, only to find that his heroes can’t give him the answers he seeks. The Blues, Mary is filled with all-encompassing truths that define the human experience, full of thinly-veiled insecurities, regrets, and doubts. The characters’ search for salvation feels like our own, with Mary acting as a substitute for the universal “one that got away,” and everyone who has ever loved someone but been unable to follow through will identify with the narrator’s struggle. If you’ve ever felt the burden of having destroyed a relationship without knowing why or tried to turn to music for the answers to your problems, you will adore this book.