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Abstract Artist, Reader, Wannabe World Traveler, Queer & Neurodivergent.

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Riley (a poem)
This is me attempting to read out a poem I wrote for Riley, with Riley "helping" me.

Arms Around Me (a Poem)
The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think. With that in mind, I am going to suck it up and just post this video!


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Smashwords book reviews by Sarah Fairbairn

  • Words on April 09, 2014

    Words is a Sweet and Short sneak peek at Roberts new upcoming collection. In the poem Words Robert writes about seeing the beauty of the world around us and trying to capture it in word form, something i think Robert is rather good at.
  • Unparallel Worlds on Dec. 10, 2014

    I read this book a while ago and absolutely fell in love with it. Can't wait for the sequel.
  • Dementional on Dec. 10, 2014

    Thank you Tonya, Five Stars. The last couple of books I’ve reviewed didn’t had any love in them, this did, THANK YOU. So so so much love. This is a beautiful story about True Love and Soul Mates. This adventure through time and parallel dimensions, gives us science to make us think and an everlasting bond between a husband and wife that makes you feel good inside. I really enjoyed this book, it was fresh and unlike everything else I’ve been reading lately. I loved how the story made me think about parallel and alternate versions of myself. I loved how even amongst the scientific research and theories that spiritualty and love was all up in there as well. I don’t want to say too much and give the story away (Go & Read it), but I loved going on this trip with Mark and Sarah it was brilliant.
  • Take Me To Your Reader: An Otherworld Anthology on Dec. 10, 2014

    And I loved Loved LOVED this book. I really enjoyed this book as a whole and I can see myself reading its stories again and again. I will definitely be looking up some of the authors other works. As there is eight stories I’m only going to write brief comments on each one. "The Divided" by Amy Bartol I wanted this story to keep going. I could read a whole novel about Vi, Mattie, So-wah and Clyde, in fact I’d really like to. In this brief snapshot of the characters’ lives we get intergalactic romance, revenge, action and a glimpse at what could be a much bigger story. You immediately feel for Violet; she’s a young woman with her whole life ahead of her but then her Violet finance is murdered and what follows his death introduces her to a whole other world. Five Stars out of Five. "Monsters of Earth" by Tammy Blackwell At the start you think you’re going to get some light-hearted monster slaying romp, but what you end up getting in this very short story is a lot of emotion and a monster that you really hope Helem can defeat. Four Stars out of Five. "The House on Maple Street" by Amanda Havard This was a nice light hearted boy finds aliens, boy outwits aliens and makes a new friend tail. You get nasty aliens, friendship, action and an average guy as the hero. I also think I would enjoy this story longer as well, maybe the aliens come back for revenge huh? I really enjoyed the Fenton and Travis dynamic, I think they could have some rather good adventures together. Four Stars out of Five. "The Force" by Heather Hildenbrand I started reading this story and thought to myself this is sounding very much like that hangover movie but with teenage aliens instead of middle aged men. It got better as it went on and turned out to be about more than just waking up with a mate missing and not remembering what happened the night before. It’s not a bad story but the ending was a letdown for me, I would have liked the romance to build more between Axel and Becca and maybe even see him smuggling her back to his home land (but that’s just my personal taste) still a fun and entertaining read. Three Stars out of Five. "Ultra-Con" by Tiffany King Ahh having your body taken over by an alien force was one of my recurring nightmares as a child. We get good aliens, bad aliens, action, danger and humans caught in-between it all. The story built nicely but then the final standoff seemed too rushed for my taste. Three stars out of Five. "Snow Globe" by C.A. Kunz I would have liked it to keep going, I want to know how Kyle goes fitting in on earth. A nice sweet little story about an alien boy finding happiness thanks to a human girl that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy. Four stars out of Five. "The Black Stone Heir" by Sarah M. Ross This was a lovely well rounded story. We had action, adventure and romance. I really liked how the narration kept changing between the main two characters. It’s a loved each other from affair, unknowingly, and then coming together – Aww my favourite kind of love story. Four Stars out of Five "The Ascendant" by Raine Thomas I NEED More!!!!!! Wow loved it. In this short story we get action, bad aliens and forbidden romance. I want a whole series of Kyr learning her lessons, coming across Ty each time and then finally how they continue their relationship once she takes on her destined responsibilities! Please give me more to read! Five Stars out of Five. Oh man I have the biggest book hangover ever. I’m going back to the beginning and reading them all again. Bye now!
  • Jurassic Jane Eyre: The Dinosaur Turned Me Lesbian on July 20, 2016

    I did enjoy this, but please do not take this story seriously, it's solely for shits and giggles. Preposterous, but fun. THREE "I liked it" STARS.