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Writing and reading science fiction and fantasy of all genres is my passion. Whether I'm downloading the latest YA dystopian thriller on my Kindle while I'm walleye fishing, or pushing to finish a rough draft, I live and breathe fiction.
I'm from Northwestern Ontario (in Canada, for those of you who are far away) and our land is on top of thick bedrock known as the Canadian Shield. This land breeds a stubborn, determined people, and I let this color my writing.
I hope you enjoy what you read. I always appreciate any feedback you can spare, and if you like what you read please tell your friends and follow my progress as I continue to write at

Smashwords Interview

What's new for you, Sarah?
Right now I'm working on putting The Ex-Pacifist: Book One of the Ruined Dynasty Trilogy on wattpad. After that I'll be putting The Splitting: Book Two of the Ruined Dynasty Trilogy on wattpad.
What took so long getting Book Two out? Didn't you promise a quicker turn around?
I sure did. I found out I was pregnant as I was publishing Book One. Since then I've had two little boys and I've only just now begun to write the second book, The Splitting.
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