Sarah Lalonde


From a very young age Sarah has been able to connect with, hear, and see her loved ones and Spirit Guides on the Other Side.
Sarah started reading for her friends and family (and eventually even teachers within the Catholic high school she attended) and by the time she was 19, was working with the public.
Sarah has previously published articles regarding spiritual matters and the paranormal on the Sault Ste Marie's news site, and has been published in April 2008's addition of Fate Magazine.

In Sarah's spare time she loves to be out in nature taking pictures of any wildlife she can see. She has a large respect for nature and animals, and has been a vegetarian for about 6 years now. Both Sarah and her partner Jeff have their photography on display at

Sarah and Jeff live together with their two adopted cats Echo and Jelly-bean who they rescued at their local humane society.

Sarah does in person and online readings. Please send her an email at for further information on booking a session.

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