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Smashwords book reviews by Sara McCluskey

  • Winter Fae on June 22, 2013
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    Despite the fact that this was a short story, it said more in those few pages than some hundred-something page books I've read. The writing is beautifully detailed, and I really felt as if I was watching a movie in my mind, with every detail in perfect place. Nothing was missing. This book is a prequel to Armored Hearts, and has me beyond intrigued to read further. The cover itself is gorgeous and fits the story beautifully. This prequel opens with the returning home of a fairy princess named Ansleigh, who is suffering from living in the human world. Ansleigh made a bargain with the Unseelie for a love of sorts, yet it turned out horrible, and she needed the healing powers of her mother and her fathers approval to return home. She arrives with her two-year-old son, Tristan..and despite the beauty of where she once lived, things aren't as they once were. Much heartbreak lies ahead for Ansleigh and some of it she feels is all her fault. I really do recommend this book; it may be short, but its so beautifully written that its worth the read. I can't wait to read Armored Hearts!
  • Armored Hearts on July 31, 2013
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    After reading Winter Fae, I was dying to read this novel. It did not disappoint, I can tell you that! The writing style seemed a bit different from Winter Fae, but the overall feel of the novel was still there and it worked. Wonderfully. In Armored Hearts we enter into the life of Gareth, a disabled young gentleman unable to walk. However, when he is just a boy, a young girl at risk of hurting herself prompts him to learn that he can fly. Since that day he has made use of his powers to protect the town in which he resides. Nevertheless, Gareth is still bitter due to his disability and shuns most people, accept for his young aunt, Tabitha. It isn't until Tabitha's new American friend Jessamine appears that there is perhaps someone who can finally see through this armor that Gareth puts up. This is a magical story filled with fairies and action. I loved it so much. It was a beautifully fun read. Overall a great story. Even when Gareth seemed annoying, I still felt for him. He is a great main character full of depth. Also, I love historical fiction, so that played a role in me loving this novel. I look forward to another book in this story!