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"Definitely an author to watch." That's how Romantic Times Book Reviews magazine describes Sara Reinke. New York Times best-selling author Karen Robards calls Reinke "a new paranormal star" and Love Romances and More hails her as "a fresh new voice to a genre that has grown stale." Dark Thirst and Dark Hunger, the first two books in her Brethren Series of vampire romance are available now from Kensington/Zebra Books. The third installment, Dark Passion, is available in print and ebook formats from Double Dragon Publishing.

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Dark Passion (The Brethren Series, Book Three)
Price: Free! Words: 102,570. Language: English. Published: January 7, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
Augustus Noble is a man with secrets. His entire life has been built on half-truths, betrayals, and lies--desperate measures to keep Eleanor Trevilian-Noble as his own. The patriarch of the Brethren race of vampires, he has struggled for centuries to create an empire of wealth and prestige for her. Now his longtime nemesis and rival for dominance threatens it all--including the woman he loves.
Dark Hunger (The Brethren Series Book 2)
Price: Free! Words: 102,270. Language: English. Published: November 23, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
Tessa Noble is a vampire who will do anything to reach her twin brother in New Orleans--even if it means traveling with Rene Morin, a ruthless, brooding, yet startlingly sexy vampire,
Dark Thirst
Price: Free! Words: 96,550. Language: English. Published: November 19, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
When Brandon Noble and Angelina Jones first met, he was an awkward teenager harboring a crush on his tutor's sister. Five years later, Angelina is a streetwise cop who's sure she's seen it all, until Brandon comes back into her life--lean, handsome, possessing a strange, powerful allure. . .and a terrifying secret.
In the Heart of Darkness
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 125,780. Language: English. Published: October 29, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
Mason Morin’s life is a nonstop party—one that helps him forget his heart-breaking past, and the man he left behind so long ago. Julien Davenant is a ruthless killer, his life spent in penance for the unforgivable sin that cost him the only man he's ever loved. When a sadistic war criminal captures them, they must work together, rebuilding the trust—and love—they lost centuries ago to survive.
Dark Vengeance Part 2
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 130,860. Language: English. Published: June 10, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
From the beginning, it's been the two of them: Brandon Noble and Lina Jones, against the world...against all odds. But in the end, Brandon's vampire nature forced them apart. Now he's disappeared without a trace and his life may be in danger. Can Lina put aside her broken heart to help find the man she loves? Or does Brandon's salvation lie in the hands of the most unlikely hero of all?
Out of the Dark
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 72,720. Language: English. Published: February 15, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
(5.00 from 1 review)
Naima Morin is a woman haunted by her past. For more than two centuries, she has struggled to forget the nightmarish years spent imprisoned underground, held captive at the whim of a sadistic madman named Lamar Davenant. But she can never forget the young man who rescued her from that hell—Lamar’s son, Aaron, who risked his own life so that she could be free. (Book Seven in The Brethren Series)
Heart's Ransom
Price: Free! Words: 67,570. Language: English. Published: February 8, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Historical
(5.00 from 1 review)
When Rafe Serrano Beltran finally has the chance for revenge against John Ransom, the legendary "Hawk of the High Seas," he seizes it, agreeing to kidnap Ransom's only daughter. How could he have known she was blind? Or beautiful? Or clever enough to find the pair of manacles hidden in his stateroom, the pair without a key? Or that once accidentally chained to her side, he might not want to leave?
In His Hands
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 13,050. Language: English. Published: January 4, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
Can someone haunt you if they're not even dead? Dr. Jack Harris is about to find out. He gets more than he bargains for when he saves the life of a beautiful young singer named Laura Bennett. Jack soon learns that sinister forces are keeping Laura's spirit from returning to her earthly form--and that unless he can save her a second time, these dark forces will lay to claim her soul for eternity.
Once Bitten
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 78,780. Language: English. Published: November 6, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Crime, Fiction » Humor & comedy » Black comedy
Private investigator John Harker thinks he's seen it all. But when a desperate woman begs him to find her missing daughter, John quickly learns there are many things in the Florida Keys that are best left unseen...and some secrets that are best left undiscovered.
The Periphery People
Price: Free! Words: 2,740. Language: English. Published: July 18, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Horror » General
(5.00 from 2 reviews)
"You ever feel like everything in the world’s gone wrong? Like you can’t do anything right? Like the world is nothing but a big pile of dog shit, and you’re just a smear in the fecal matter taking up space? That kind of sadness, that sort of despair—that’s what they leave you with once they’ve eaten enough of your soul. From there, it only gets worse."
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 62,600. Language: English. Published: November 23, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
Brandon Noble thinks the worst is behind him and is ready to begin a new life with the woman he loves. Lina Jones is more reluctant to let bygones be bygones, but agrees to try for Brandon's sake. But just as they look forward to a promising future together, new danger arises -- and Brandon's very nature could threaten to tear them ruthlessly apart.
Dark Passages 2: Pilar & Elias
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 57,340. Language: English. Published: June 9, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
Pilar Cadana has one thing on her mind: revenge against the vampire who murdered her father. But when she meets Elias Velasco, the police detective assigned to investigate the case, everything changes. As the passion between them grows, so too does the danger -- because Pilar has some dark secrets of her own. And while she's everything Elias wants, he may just prove to be everything she needs.
Dark Passages: Tristan & Karen
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 41,570. Language: English. Published: February 8, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
Will a sadistic new enemy put vampire Tristan Morin's newfound love for Karen Pierce, a human, to the ultimate test? Book Four in The Brethren Series.
Eye of the Storm (sequel to "Resurrection")
Price: Free! Words: 66,090. Language: English. Published: October 8, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Horror » General
Police detective Paul Frances hunts down killers. Plagued by dreams of murder and torture, he feels like his life is falling apart, except when he's with beautiful medical examiner Brenda Wheaton. When his daughters are abducted by the serial killer from his dreams, Paul finds himself in a race against time to save the ones he loves -- and the realization that they may really need saving from him.
Price: Free! Words: 45,020. Language: English. Published: October 8, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Horror » General
(4.33 from 3 reviews)
Jay Frances has always found his ability to raise the dead more of a curse than a gift until he finds Jo Montgomery brutally murdered. Jo is the first person he's able to restore body, mind and soul, and as a mutual attraction grows between them, so, too, does someone else's interest. Jo's killer is following them now, a psychotic sadist who wants to see Jay resurrect the dead again. And again.
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 83,170. Language: English. Published: October 6, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Horror » General
(4.50 from 2 reviews)
Andrew Braddock finds himself stranded at a military research base in the Appalachian foot hills. When a secret experiment goes horribly awry, he fights to save not only his life but those of beautiful Army Specialist Dani Santoro and Alice Moore, the autistic daughter of the base's lead scientist.

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