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New Lux Guardians & Legend Mirror books will be released 2017!

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The Beast of Callaire (The Legend Mirror)
The Dryad of Callaire (The Legend Mirror)
The Powers of Callaire (The Legend Mirror)

The Forgotten (The Lux Guardians)
The Wandering (The Lux Guardians)


The Revelation (The Lux Guardians)
The Divine of Callaire (The Legend Mirror)
TBA (Pride & Joy)
TBA (Pride & Joy)

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I began writing fiction as a (terrible and cliched) fanfiction author on I won't tell you the username I wrote under, because some of the stuff on there is incredibly bad, but I will say that I started off writing Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes fan works.

When I was fifteen I began drafting my first original work, an urban fantasy series that was originally known as Fate and told the story of twelve individuals named after the months of the year. Looking back now it's very badly written but it did help me to grow as a writer. I wrote three novels between that first original work and The Forgotten, my first published book.
What's the story behind your latest book?
I first got the idea for The Forgotten, the first in The Lux Guardians series, when I was on a bus. I get a lot of my ideas on buses; not quite sure why. I had been reading a lot of Dystopian books and I had ideas swirling around my head. So when the bus went through a particularly run-down area and I saw a man hobbling through the streets, my mind created The Sixteen Strains and a man infected by them, living in a world of death and disaster. The Forgotten Lands expanded from there, characters appeared, and I knew from that one moment on the bus how everything would tie in with the future world and the Victorian era.

It was a very complex initial idea and resulted in some frantic tapping away at the notes on my iPod (oh those glory days when you needed separate devices to listen to music and to call someone.) The man I saw on the street even features in one scene in The Forgotten, though he does die within the same scene. Guess I even killed my inspiration for the whole thing. That sets a nice precedent for the trauma of The Lux Guardians series as a whole. (It's entirely painless, I promise)
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The Divine of Callaire
Series: The Legend Mirror, Book Four. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 74,420. Language: English. Published: September 28, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
I’m Minnie, descendant of Apollo, and even my Divine power can’t protect me when Gods attack the human world.
The Powers of Callaire
Series: The Legend Mirror, Book Three. Price: $3.45 USD. Words: 53,380. Language: English. Published: February 16, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Gay & lesbian fiction » Lesbian
I’m Yasmin Wikke, daughter of Venus, and I just made a deal with Pluto, ruler of the Otherland. With a murderous, fiery god and the incarnation of death in my way, I’ll have to compromise my morals and harness every bit of the Legendary power in my veins. If I fail, Fray’s soul will be lost forever.
The Dryad of Callaire
Series: The Legend Mirror, Book Two. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 88,790. Language: English. Published: August 18, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Gay & Lesbian
I’m Yasmin Wikke, daughter of Venus, and I’ll do anything to get my girlfriend back – even if I have to unleash my most monstrous self. I’m lucky to be alive after fighting the incarnation of chaos but all I can think about is Fray. No matter how hard I search, she’s nowhere to be found.
The Beast of Callaire
Series: The Legend Mirror, Book One. Price: Free! Words: 92,590. Language: English. Published: April 24, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy
I’m Yasmin Wikke, daughter of Venus, and even armed with a beastly alter ego, I’m badly outmatched.
The Forgotten
Series: The Lux Guardians. Price: Free! Words: 118,700. Language: English. Published: July 17, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Sci-Fi & fantasy, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Adventure
An unlikely bunch of rebels from two time periods take a stand against a totalitarian government. If they fail, both their worlds will be destroyed.

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